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Are Women in Kashmir Treated Differently than Men? Here is the Answer

We asked our audience that are women in Kashmir treated differently than men. Everyone agreed that women are treated differently, while most agreed that they are treated badly as compared to men, few believed actually women are treated better than men in Kashmir. Here are few responses

Here are Some Childhood Memories Of Growing Up in Kashmir

Article by Manan Mushtaq Hakak Being born in Kashmir and asked to count best childhood memories may make you melancholic for a while because things like firing, curfew and crackdown strikes your mind but admist all this grimness and horror there used to be some best

Let’s Raise a Cup of Kahwah to These Incredible Kashmiri Women

To the morally strong, mentally empowered, kind, naturally compassionate, empathetic, happy in their skin and to those women specially who don’t find men as the reference to validate their position but consider them as a important aspect that is equally important in their own special

You Know You Are A Kashmiri When

A full cup of tea is chai daam, a full roti is khend, a plate of rice is batte phol, a bowl full of curry is siyn pyoont. No meal is a meal without rice The bone make you remember struggle of taking Vyaes (

This Kashmiri Girl Battling Cancer Needs Our Help

Time is Precious and its Running Out for Sana This girl namely Sana Bhat who belongs to Magarmal Bagh, Srinagar has been diagnosed with RELAPSE ACUTE MYELOID LEUKEMIA ( A TYPE OF BLOOD CANCER) . She is currently under treatment at Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute

Meet This Kashmiri Chef Who Cooks at 30000 ft Above Sea Level

Gyawun interviews Chef Anayat Rahman – Inflight Chef with Etihad Airways . Being among only few inflight chefs in the world, he gets to work with VVIPS and has traveled to almost every major city of the world. His life comes about as an inspiration

This is What The Artists From Kashmir Want To Say

Gyawun plunges into the creative minds of Kashmiri artists to find out what they think of the current situation in Kashmir, here is what we found out Anjum Khan Would you want to paint emotions, if calamity lay so close to you? And all you

8 Myths About Kashmiris, Everyone Should Clear in Their Mind

Myth 1: Kashmiris live on Indian Tax Payers money and enjoy subsidies The people of J&K pay tax more than 11 Indian states, they pay more than states likes Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Assam and even Goa and  almost equal to Bihar. Source here And on that

“Like a Sufi” by Alif & MC Kash – Official Trailer and Making

Releasing on 21st June . Tell us about the inspiration behind this song “Like a Sufi” Alif:  The inspiration for “Like a Sufi” came from stories that live within us. I personally feel there is a lot of Tassawuff in Kashmir. We wanted to write something about that.

Meet These Upcoming Kashmiri Artists

Gyawun plunges into the creative minds and aesthetic sense of 7 upcoming artists of Kashmir.Here they share their anecdotes with us. 1. Maria Mehraj Maria Mehraj (23 year old) born in Baramulla, Kashmir. She is currently pursuing BBA- MBA. She is a sketch artist (pencil

A Letter From Kashmiri Student: WELCOME TO KASHMIR

Sub: Dont Listen To Media, Visit Kashmir Dear Sir/ Madam, “Don’t go to Kashmir, there is a lot of tension and terrorism”. That’s the one-liner used to cancel many trips to Kashmir-The paradise on Earth! The perception of the people to give such a verdict, without

10 Things that Make Kashmiri Women Special

1. Beauty  Kashmiri women are beyond beautiful. Almost every woman in Kashmir is above average when it comes to beauty. There is beauty in their simplicity and in their sophistication. 2. Maazrath  Our women are the most hospitable creatures ever born on the face of this planet.

Message To all Kashmiri Women by Azra Mufti

I started writing at a very early age. The first piece of writing that I could remember having written is a letter to Allah. I was 11 years old and my father was confined to bed rest as he complained of prolapsed disc. I could

This 23-year-Old Kashmiri Co-Founded a 8 Crore Business

At 23 he has trained professionals in various corporates across India and worked with some of the best global companies. Yasir Zahoor Rather is a living inspiration! Yasir is an Engineer by Education, Digital Marketer by Profession, Speaker/Trainer by passion & Entrepreneur by Choice. He

Kashmiri who Loves Plants! Meet Imran Jan

Meet Imran Jan  born and bought up in Kashmir.  He  loved plants since he  was a kid  He  always used to make things out of junk , so one day he had an idea of putting plants in containers which people would normally throw away