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Google Introduces Kashmiri Language In Their Keyboard App

Do you love Kashmiri language? Do you want to type in Kashmiri Language? Hold your breath, dear friends! Now, for the first time ever, an app has added a support for Kashmiri language (somebody loves us). And guess what? It’s none other than the search giant Google. Yes, Google! Google in its keyboard app, Gboard, […]

Here are the 10 Most Liked Pictures of Dal Lake on Instagram

10. Photo by Auditya Venkatesh – Hiding from the sun.  9. Photo by Masood Bhat- An old kashmiri boatsmen inspite of snowing is going for his daily work from the interior of Dal lake, Srinagar   8. Photo by Auditya Venkatesh   7. Photo by Auditya Venkatesh   6. Photo of Dal lake by Preity Zinta   5. Photo […]

We Analysed #Gulmarg on Instagram since 2010 and Here Is What We Learnt

We at Gyawun analysed the trends for #Gulmarg on Instagram from 2010 till Jan 2017. We found that since 2010 total 52,708 posts have been done with #gulmarg by 10,710 contributors . These got 2,151,059 likes in  and  65,653 comments in total. Below  chart shows how many posts have been posted per month since 2010. The maximum […]

This is How Kashmiri Handcrafted Work Looks on Celebrities

From Desi to international celebs lets see how Kashmir fabric and embroidery looks on them. Angelina Jolie wrapped around in a Kashmiri Pashmina shawl Rachel Weisz wearing a Pashmina with hand embroidered border Buy Kashmiri Pherans Online on Gyawun Shop here Anushka Sharma in Manish Malhotra Signature look with handcrafted Kashmiri embroidery on the skirt […]

10 Reasons Why Every Kashmiri Should Feel Proud

1. We are survivors We have survived massive floods, terrible earthquakes, deadly icy avalanches, killer storms and human atrocities. We have survived a three months long curfew without a break. We have survived without mobile, internet and even electricity for week’s altogether. And still we rise through it all with a greater conviction and zeal. […]

Kashmiri Inventions & Discoveries, You Probably Dont know About

  Seamless Celestial Globe It was invented in Kashmir by Ali Kashmiri ibn Luqman in 998H/1589-90 CE, in the reign of the Mughal Emperor Akbar.  Unlike the ordinary globe that represents earth, the celestial globe represents sky complete with stars and constellations on it. It was a practical tool in astronomy that allowed astronomers to position […]

4 Apps Every Kashmiri Should Use To Help Boost Tourism

AIRBNB Airbnb is an app  for people to list, find, and rent lodging. Since we Kashmiris have huge houses with most rooms vacant, why not rent them out to tourists. I have been using Airbnb in Delhi for last one year and have hosted people from Canada, America, New Zealand and Spain. Its just easy […]