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Kurtis and Kurtas

Kashmiri Kurtis and Kurtas is a testimony of the blend of different cultures and traditions. Originally, Kurtis was brought to Kashmir by the outsiders, which gave another platform for the artisans to create something magical. The cloth was a simple one, but the detailed embroidery created a charming fabric, yearning to be worn by anyone ranging from nobles to common womenfolk. The Kashmiri Kurtis are usually created by embedded embroidery designs on the upper area while also creating a lining on the sides. The result became very much popular, with Kashmiri Kurtis wore on special occasions and marriages. Besides special occasions, Kashmiri Kurtis is generally worn as a fashion trend too. We have a collection of cotton, silk, summer cool and lined Kurta and Kurtis with Tilla, Aari and Sozni embroidery.