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Meet These Two Kashmiri 16 Year Olds Who Already Own A Startup

While most kids stick with selfies and Facebooking , some young entrepreneurs take their business much further. Gyawun talks to Abrar Yaseen Mattoo and Sheikh Uzair Hussain, two 16 year old valley boys who were  not afraid to jump into entrepreneurship at an early age . Tell

This British Girl of Kashmiri Origin is Taking HIJAB To Next Level

Mehreen Amjad, a British born entrepreneur of Kashmiri origins, found a gap in the retail market for modest clothing. With the launch of Coco Hijab London, she solved this problem. In this interview, she tells Gyawun about Coco Hijab’s background, the company’s no-model policy and

Meet Naveed Siraj: The Kashmiri Boy Who Framed Passions

  Tell us about yourself My name is Naveed Siraj. I was born in Srinagar (KMR) into a very reputed family who were first retailers of shoes in the valley after the fur trade was banned by the government of India. We still have a – Taking Kashmiri Products Global

Gyawun talks to Pashtosh, a startup that likens Kashmiri apparel and jewellery to wearable art. Tell us about yourself? I am Furqan Shawl founder of . I completed my education from Burn Hall and hold a bachelor of commerce degree in computer science from

Meet Muheet Mehraj (CEO Kashmir Box) and His Team

Tell us about you? I am a first generation entrepreneur (25) who started Kashmir Box around four and a half years back when I was 20  with Kashif Khan who later moved out of the venture. I’ve been an entrepreneur since I was 17. Who

Kashmiri Childhood MEMOIR By Archana Dhar

By Archana Dhar Thoughts are gushing in and every memory wants to come alive in a hurry, craving for singular attention. One memory leads to another and so on, culminating in an endless stream of images. Notwithstanding the importance of this memoir to others, I

Hijabsta : Kashmiri Pheran in new Avatar

Meet Sanna Hijabsta Naq better known as Hijabsta. She is a Kashmiri-American fashion enthusiast and personal stylist. Here is what she has to say about Being a personal stylist, I love creating looks for people and being a fashion enthusiast my love and passion for

From Kashmir to Milan! Meet Shabila Hamid

Listening to the customers at my store and watching the people in the markets of Milan who would call any damn piece of fabric “a Pashmina” used to make me so mad that I used to pause for a second and say to myself that

A letter to Dear Kashmir

Dear Kashmir, I came to know about you when I was in Goa. So I made a plan with a friend to visit Kashmir, but my friend changed her mind after hearing about situation in Kashmir. I was disappointed and the thought of travelling alone