Isband Box

What is Isband Box

Isband Box is  all about Kashmiri culture. We wanted to recreate the experience of exploring Kashmir for people without them having to visit Kashmir. Our Isband Box will help you experience Kashmir through multiple products in it.

What's in Isband Box?


Exclusive, official Kashmiri merch from Gyawun Shop

Crafts of Kashmir

Discover the best of Kashmiri Handicrafts right at your doorstep

Flavours of Kashmir

We are here to Delight and pamper Food Lovers  with delectable Kashmiri Food items

How to Get Isband Box

Order Isband Box on our website

It costs 2999 INR

Your box ships immediately

Free shipping all over India

Your month-long Kashmiri expereince begins

And you wont regret it

Why Choose Isband Box?

Unique Artisan Goods

Products of Superior Quality

Shipping is Free

What are people saying

I ordered it for myself. Love being able to try Kashmiri culture. One less thing to experience about in life.
Martin White
My BF gave me this gift on birthday. I loved it.
Priyanka Kapoor
I gave this to my Non-Kashmiri wife. She was very glad to receive it
Farhan Khan

Want to order Isband Box?

Order just once box for yourself or give as a gift. Price for one box is ₹2999 

Frequently asked questions

You can order Isband Box from here

Receive a box containing varied items that are curated by our experts who carefully select a collection of unique products from around Kashmir.

You will receive  5-7 items in a box

Box will be dispatched within 6-8 working days after your order.

You can either place separate orders for them or Whatsapp us on 9999777835 to order

At this time, customers are unable to customize boxes.

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Email us at

[email protected]

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