Trami and Sarposh


This is an antique and unique Trami and Sarposh made of german silver which can be used for decoration purposes. It is 7 inches in diameter. This gives a perfect Kashmiri aura wherever its placed. We will ship this from Srinagar Kashmir. It should reach Pan India in 4-5 days

In Kashmir trami and sarposh are used for serving food. Trami is the plate on which food is served and sarposh is the cover that is placed on trami. Sarposh is meant to keep food warm and away from insects. A large size trami and sarposh is used in weddings and other functions in which wazwan is served. In a large size trami and saposh 4 people sit together and eat in it. Single-person trami and sarposh are also being used nowadays. 

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