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Here are the 10 Most Liked Pictures of Dal Lake on Instagram

10. Photo by Auditya Venkatesh – Hiding from the sun. 

9. Photo by Masood Bhat- An old kashmiri boatsmen inspite of snowing is going for his daily work from the interior of Dal lake, Srinagar


8. Photo by Auditya Venkatesh


7. Photo by Auditya Venkatesh


6. Photo of Dal lake by Preity Zinta


5. Photo by Steve McCurry in which merchants paddle boats on the Dal Lake in Kashmir. 

4.  Photo by Steve McCurry in which a woman with her children paddles a shikara near Dal Lake in Srinagar, Kashmir. 


3. Photo by Steve McCurry 

2. Photo by Joshi Daniel


1. Photo by Steve McCurry 




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