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Kashmiri Marriage/Relationship Survey Results

What is more important to Kashmiris in a marriage/relationship Below chart shows what Kashmiris find more important in a marriage or relationship. Trust leads the charts, followed by respect and honesty. If we look at these findings through gender prism, for women respect is most

Live Kashmir Updates

 Please join our group on Telegram to ask questions and see updates We will be posting on this group regularly 2:46 PM Video Source Aaqib Bashir 10:29 AM 10 Aug 10:37 Pm 9 Aug Anantnag SI Touseef 9419050051 Baramulah DSP 9419128305 Budgam SHO 8991121135

Old Kashmir Video By Gyawun

This video is a compilation of video bytes between 1930 -1974 You might also like this video which had created before this video. It was a footages available from 1919- 1985 Look for old Kashmiri Proverbs? Check here

Kashmiri Old Proverbs

Achev khote che kuthe duur The knees are farther than the eyes. (Blood is thicker than water.) Akh duda biyi maji kyut toak An uninvited guest, and he wants a (Toak) plateful of food for his mother [in addition to feeding himself] ! (Brazenness.) Akh

English Names For Kashmiri Eatables

Haakh: Collard Greens or Kale Monj Haakh: Knol khol TSochael: Mallow Kretcz: Knapweed Handh: Dandelion greens Leesae: Red Amaranth Nunnar: Purslane Bamchoonth: Quince WanPalakh- Goose foot Kral Mound- Shepherds purse Saze Posh- Holly hock Nadur – Lotus Stem Praan – Shallots Aubuj – Rumex Mawal-

Modern Kashmiri Girl Names

Are you looking for some unique name for your Kashmiri daughter?  Here are a few of our suggestions which are modern, trendy and of which your daughter will be proud of: Ahba Aimaa Hoorein Lailat Laraib Rehaab Imra Muntaha Batool Eshal: the name of flower

How to Do Event Management and Execution for a Client

Are you looking to execute an on-ground event/conference with around  30-50 delegates for a client? Here are the steps you should follow to execute and manage your event successfully. Planning & Collaboration Client to provide brief, base content and wish list Editorial, Product team, Project

Meet Yawar Abdal, The Guy Behind Everyone’s Fav Song Tamanna

Article by Taha Firdous Long vacations to motherland, reconnection with the air that holds legends of poets, fingers running through beats of music, Yawar Abdal, popularly known as the Tamanna boy lays back barefoot on the lush green grass of his lawn at home in

Meet the New Homebaker in Town Who Bakes Delicious Cupcakes

Interview by Taha Firdous Tell us about yourself My name is Sanah Jeelani. I have  done a BSc in Human Resources And Psychology from Middlesex University, Dubai. I recently came up with my online business of baking cakes and cupcakes and I’m enjoying what I

Meet This 20 Year Old Baker From Kashmir

Interview by Taha Firdous Tell us about yourself  Hello! I am Sana Imtiyaz Hussaini. I am 20 years old. I was born and brought up in Srinagar, Kashmir. I did my schooling from Presentation Convent Senior Secondary School, Rajbagh. I am yet to join college,

From Lawyer to an Entrepreneur, Meet Malika Shah

Interview by Taha Firdous Shah Tell us about yourself Hello, I’m Malika. Born and brought up in Kashmir, I did my schooling from Presentation Convent Senior Secondary School, Rajbagh, Srinagar after which I went to Government Girls Higher Secondary School, Amira Kadal for two years.

Meet The Lady Who is Bringing Kashmiri Women YAKJUT (Together)

Interview by Taha Firdous Shah Tell us about yourself My name is Syed Hanaz Tariq. I did my schooling from Presentation Convent Senior Secondary School, Srinagar. After that, I moved out of state for my higher education. I graduated in 2018 and now I am

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Vishansar Lake Video Located at an altitude of 12168 ft. above sea level, 1 km long and 0.6 km wide, Vishansar Lake is surrounded by lush green grasslands which offer palatial and splendid beauty to soothe one’s eyes. This lake offers a majestic beauty with

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Verinag Video The prodigious river Jhelum is born in a spring veneered by a Mughal garden in Verinag. It is the first tourist attraction spot in Kashmir valley if you’re travelling by Jammu and is situated at the bottom of the hill covered by pine

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Tulian Lake Guide

Positioned at a height of 3353 metres above sea level, Tulian Lake is a beautiful and panoramic spot amongst the several lakes of Jammu and Kashmir. This lake in Pahalgam lies amidst the Zanskar and Pir Panjal Mountain ranges and offers astounding views of the

Top Religious Places To Visit in Kashmir

There are many facades to Kashmir which cannot be overlooked while visiting this place for sure. And of the aspect is the mystical and spiritual vibe that surrounds the whole valley and binds different religions together. To experience such soul healing experience you should visit


Article by Taha Firdous VISIT DACHIGAM NATIONAL PARK It is always a delight for kids to play and enjoy in nature. Dachigam National Park is one such destination where you can both enjoy the beauty of nature and find amazing and rear species of animals.

Offbeat Places in Kashmir

Every year Kashmir attracts lakhs of tourists which is why every season witness a lot of crowd in the usual tourist spots. For those who prefer to spend their time in isolation with nature alone should visit some of the unconventional places. Some of these

Kashmir Shopping Guide

Kashmir not only is a paradise on earth but it has so many interesting and unique craftwork, herbs, dry fruits, etc. which is exotic and one of a kind. There are some rare finds here which can leave you surprised. The Kashmir shopping markets have

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Here is Why Kashmir is The Safest Place For Solo Female Travellers

Kashmir, the paradise on earth is not only rich with beauty, but corroborations of brotherhood and culture are equally opulent with Kashmiris. Kashmir is often called the “warmest place on earth”, for the hospitality and congeniality provided to their guests. The safety and well-being in

Best Time to Visit Kashmir

Want to visit Kashmiri but confused about the right time to visit, let’s help you navigate through this dilemma. Kashmir has four seasons basically which includes winter, spring, summer, and autumn. Each season has its own charm and charisma that transcends, leaving traces everywhere and