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Chinar Green leaf Crewel Curtain



Red Leaf Chinar Design Crewel Curtain



From the vaults of history, Kashmiri curtains are an embodiment of the finest quality and designs which bring the remembrance of the golden age of Kashmir. The curtains have impeccable designs, great visuals, and exotic prints. The embroidery work embedded along the curtains is designed to give a new experience and aura.

The Kashmiri embroidery achieved much fame during the Mughal rule, and the artisans were specially called for their supernatural skills of embroidery. The designs were carved on any possible surface, so curtains were no exception. Amazing golden embroidery was carved on velvet fabric depicting the fact that the Mughals were fascinated by artwork, be in any form. In the later years, the embroidery designs were designed on other fabrics such as cotton and silk, by which the designs also came in touch with the modernism of the society.