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Elegant yet crisp, crewel is the art of surface embroidery using wool or a variety of various embroidery stitches to create an impeccable design. The origin of the word is yet unknown, but crewel work is said to have been at least one thousand years old. The art, spanning many cultures, has its essence in every region.

A fascinating needle art, crewelwork in Kashmir has a distinct style that is mostly done by a thin wool thread or woolen fabric which creates a vivid texture. The canvas on which crewel work is done is fabric on which the artisan brings to life the amazing designs. The motif does not fully cover the background but carves the design on the surface, creating a contrast between both the design and background. This art which is native to Kashmir, due to its superior quality, is in great demand across the world. The designs created by crewel are pure brilliant and showcase years of expertise and experience of the skilled craftsmen.