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Types of Female Folk in Kashur Khandar

Kashur khandar is all fun with the lovely female folk. Starting from cute chubby toddlers dressed in beautiful uncomfortable dresses to old great grannies who have only one job “Doikher karun”.   Now let me tell you some categories.   My fav are those chulbuli, chan chabeli type girls namely janu, sonu, monu, simi, pinki, […]

Interesting Things You Need to know About Chillai Kalan

Chillai Kalan is the 40 day harsh winter period  in Kashmir. This period sends shivers down one’s spine. Chillai-Kalan begins from December 21 and ends on January 31 next year.  Chillai Kalan is a Persian term. Chilla means 40, Kalan means bigger. There are 3 Chilas The Chillai Kalan, the Chillai Khurd, and the Challai […]

Reaction of Kashmiri Mothers When Kangri Falls Down

1. Trath sinthas.. nov namdhh zoluth(even if it was decade old) 2. Tohi shikaslad shuren shoobwini kamli peatth behuen.tuhuend gachhi taatth trawin 3. Magaz yeli phonas kun aes ath chu yie gachan 4. Hy hy faan koruth ath,dimaag chui asan khabar katy 5. Hai pai kaanger , Ichen chai na gaash 6. Touhe chaw zaayde […]

Best Courier Services in Srinagar

The list below is created of shipping companies that we have used for our Kashmiri marketplace Gyawun Shop ( visit here) XpressSys Based in Batamallo, Srinagar, XpressSys delivers in Kashmir and does domestic and international shipping aswell. They deliver within Srinagar at 45 Rs/Kg Website Whatsapp/Call 9419966034 Stag Speed Logistics They are also Srinagar […]

In Pictures Visit to Ahad Sons Delhi

Ahad Sons, Kashmiri Food Delivery and Takeaway at Uday Park, New Delhi Ahad Sons Menu Mr Abdul Ahad Waza Packaged Ghustabas at Ahad Sons Ahad Waza  3 Ristas, 3 Ghustabas, 3 Pieces in Marchwagun Korma, Nadur Yakhni and Gante Chutney  costed  us 1400 Rupees.  Best Kashmiri food in Delhi. Each bite reminded of wazwan at […]

Meet The Founders of Kashmiri Restaurant ‘Sarposh’ in Bangalore

Tell us about yourself My name is Azmat Ali Mir, I am from Srinagar. I am a computer science engineer by education and a first-generation cultural entrepreneur by passion. I am currently based in Bangalore running my startup called Manzar. Manzar loosely translates to narrative or viewpoint, and at its core believes in telling ‘own […]

Kashmiri Names For Fruits

1 Mulberry……. Tuell 2 Raspberry…… Chhanchh 3 Barberry…….. Kaawduchh 4 Redberry……Haapat meawaa. 5 Treil Apple……Treil 6 Musk Melon…..Kharbooz 7 Water Melon…..Hendwend 8 Pomegranate…. Dhaae’n 9 Walnut……Doon 10 Quince….Bama-tchoonth 11 Apple….Tchoonth 12 Almond…..Baadaam 13 Peach…Tche’nunn 14 Plum…..Ollu-bukharaa/ Aae’rr 15 Cherry….Gilaas 16 Sour Cherry..Aalitchaa 17 Pear…Tungg 18 Apricot…. Tcheir 19 Grapes…Duchh. 20 Green Sour Plum ( Prunus […]

Kashmiri Names for a Restaurant or Cafe

Khen chen Ikwotai gov mazzih Thak paend Khen te khurak Walsa kheyiw te cheyiw Karsa aesh Yad barith Malun t variv Matamaal panun kaeshur mazeh Dakur Meazbaan Niamat kudha Aalouvv Khayuv te khaeviv Yeid berith! Yeyev kheyuv mueth mueth (Come n eat sweet sweet) Saaleh batteh Dasterkhan Kung posh Maaji BaTa Traem – Let’s eat […]

Meet This Kashmiri Who is Designing Clothes For Disabled People

Tell us about yourself?  I am Asiya Rafiq from Kashmir and currently staying in UAE. My mother worked as  teacher in Kashmir and my father retired as a District Magistrate (Collector) in District Srinagar. My mom & dad were not staying together because of some family issues. I was raised by a single parent, my […]

How To Genuinely Earn Money Online | Guide By a Digital Marketing Expert

If you are looking to make fast cash or making money without any investment this article is not for you. This article is for only those people who are really serious in earning money online. Making money online requires little investment, your time and lot of patience, if you have these please read ahead. My […]

History of Kashmir – Complete Chronology of Rulers

Are you interested in ancient history of Kashmir? Want to know who was First king of Kashmir? Or are you interested to know about Sikh/Afghan/Dogra rule in Kashmir? You have to come to right place. We have compiled this massive list of Kings/Rulers of Kashmir after a great deal of research. Gonada 1 3120-3103 B.C […]

Mother, Programming Head and Radio Jockey, Meet This Audacious Kashmiri Lady

Tell us about yourself? My name is Yusra Hussain also known as Sofie for people who listen to me on air. My father is from South Kashmir –Shopian and my mother is from downtown Srinagar. I have done my pre-schooling from Tiny Hearts, schooling from Presentation Convent School Rajbagh. After that I went to Womens […]

Once Bullied for Being Fat, Now This Kashmiri is an Awesome Fitness Trainer

Tell us about yourself My name is Shreen Aney. I belong to the town of Chinars, Bijbehara, Anantnag. I have a small family of four, my parents and a younger sister. Professionally I work as a Junior Engineer in the PDD department but my passion lies in fitness and gymming which made me a fitness […]