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Revival of Kashmiri Music and Songs Among Youth


Kashmiri music and songs have a long history, since ages they have been profound part of Kashmiri culture . As a result, the Valley has seen a galaxy of great singers and artists, upholding the great tradition of Kashmiri folk, poetry and music. With each decade that has passed most of the Kashmiri people especially […]

Kashmiri Pheran – About, Types, Uses & Wearing Guide

Blue Pure Wool Pheran With Hand Aari Embroidery

Clothes aren’t everything there is to a person. But, the association with traditional clothes is beautiful. Kashmiris associate themselves with what they wear. They hold it as a dear part of their identity. And, pherans are something that are purely a part of Kashmiri history, culture & tradition. Pheran, a loose part of clothing, extending […]

Meet This Kashmiri Cancer Survivor Who Wants To Make This World a Better Place

cancer patient kashmir

Tell us about yourself My name is Ayesha Aijaz from Srinagar, Kashmir. I am 24 years old. My father is an engineer and mother is a doctor. I have completed my MBBS and now I am in my internship period. My research was approved by ICMR. I have done multiple workshops and have also done […]

PAPIER MACHE – The Story Behind The Amazing Art

paper mache art kashmir

The intricate patterns carved detail on a box, elegant colors on beautifully designed animal shapes, papier Mache is an amazing craft passed down generations to generations, for centuries. Having travelled from Central Asia but making its home in Kashmir, the fascinating art involves the creation of design by carving pulp of paper in various molds […]

Important Covid Leads in Kashmir

Covid kashmir

Oxygen Concentrators and Oxygen Cylinders, Oxymeters,Athrout Kashmir Nawakadal– 0194-2420163 , +91-9796-946968SRO Batamaloo – 18001022146Orzu Trust Humhama – +91-6006-613290, +91 6006613291Falahudarain (Srinagar) – +91-7006076007Pampore – +91-9596599308North End Enterprises – +91-7889849186JK gases – +91-9797938140Mian Gases – +91-9797004900Nowgam – 9797122432Humhama ( Oxygen Cylinders) 7006038241Baghimehtab ( Oxygen Cylinders) 99006676363Mooj Welfare Magam 7006304637Waheed Gojwara – Oxygen Concentrators-979680420Imdaad Srinagar – Oxygen […]

Best Gynecologist in Srinagar

gyni kashmir

Doctor Location Popularity No.1 Syed Naseer Syed Medicos, Opposite JVC Hospital  & sheikh ul alam 29.20% No.2 Tahir Malik Guru Lane Barzulla 12.68% No.3 Tania Makhdoomi Nundreshi colony bye pass 11.80% No.4 Mohammad Ashraf Kar Florence hospital 10.03% No.5 Farhat Jabeen LD and Modern Hospital 9.44% No.6 Bilquees Jameela  Ramzan hospital 8.26% No.7 Basanti Ganjoo […]

Kashmiri Mythical Creatures

kashmiri mystical creatures

By Onaiza Drabu Rantas She is a witch and a seductress. Her feet are usually turned backwards. She is known to kidnap men, take them to her cave in mountains and eats out the hearts of men. She is known to seek husbands amongst mortals, but their attachment has fatal consequences, as its object dies […]

Types of Female Folk in Kashur Khandar

kashmiri wedding women

Kashur khandar is all fun with the lovely female folk. Starting from cute chubby toddlers dressed in beautiful uncomfortable dresses to old great grannies who have only one job “Doikher karun”.   Now let me tell you some categories.   My fav are those chulbuli, chan chabeli type girls namely janu, sonu, monu, simi, pinki, […]

Interesting Things You Need to know About Chillai Kalan

chilia kalan winter kashmir

Chillai Kalan is the 40 day harsh winter period  in Kashmir. This period sends shivers down one’s spine. Chillai-Kalan begins from December 21 and ends on January 31 next year.  Chillai Kalan is a Persian term. Chilla means 40, Kalan means bigger. There are 3 Chilas The Chillai Kalan, the Chillai Khurd, and the Challai […]

Reaction of Kashmiri Mothers When Kangri Falls Down

kashmiri kangri fall

1. Trath sinthas.. nov namdhh zoluth(even if it was decade old) 2. Tohi shikaslad shuren shoobwini kamli peatth behuen.tuhuend gachhi taatth trawin 3. Magaz yeli phonas kun aes ath chu yie gachan 4. Hy hy faan koruth ath,dimaag chui asan khabar katy 5. Hai pai kaanger , Ichen chai na gaash 6. Touhe chaw zaayde […]

Best Courier Services in Srinagar

delivery services in srinagar kashmir

The list below is created of shipping companies that we have used for our Kashmiri marketplace Gyawun Shop ( visit here) XpressSys Based in Batamallo, Srinagar, XpressSys delivers in Kashmir and does domestic and international shipping aswell. They deliver within Srinagar at 45 Rs/Kg Website Whatsapp/Call 9419966034 Stag Speed Logistics They are also Srinagar […]