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“I love my tee shirts from
@gyawun. Some, like this one, you have to be Kashmiri to appreciate 😀 I look forward to ordering more stuff guys.”


Omar Abdullah Via Twitter

“Love the pheran, kurta and earrings from Gyawun”


Dolly Singh Instagram

“Wanted a beautiful traditional pheran since a long time. Finally my search has came to an end at @gyawunshop . They do have some amazing Kashmiri traditional collections at their page. Don’t forget to see.”


Vishakha Yadav W

“Love them”


Manvi Sijwal Via Instagram

“Love the tshirt”


Shehla Rashid Shora

“I have received the pheran. The quality is very nice and i loved the fabric and the designing of pheran😊😊Thank you.”

Garima G

“I would like to spend the rest of my life in Pherans

Pheran from @gyawuninsta @gyawunshop”



“Love this kurta. Want more of these”

Tarana Khan

“The pherans were amazing”

Ananta Tickoo

“The rug fits perfectly into the interior. Thank you very much”

Irina / Russia

“Love this pheran”


“Thank you @gyawuninsta for this “Lathmond””


Salmaan Bhukari

“Perfect hoodie”


Sarah Hyat Shah

“Love the quality”

Aisha Chauhan

“Beautiful Kurta, Fits me perfect

Ananta Tickoo

“Thanks for the kashmiri cushions looking very nice”


Astha W

“Can’t argue with that eh. Thank you”


Aliya Nazki

“You can take a Kashmiri out of Kashmir
But you can never take Kashmir out of a Kashmiri.
Thank you @gyawunshop For this amazing gift”


Sheikh Khursheed

“Love the hoodie”


Kashmiri Based in Mumbai

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