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Kashmiri Suits

The Kashmiri suits are the fusion of the legendary Kashmiri embroidery craft and graceful clothing suits. Each embroidery detail is handcrafted to perfection, depicting the amazing skillset of the artisans. The surface fabric usually consists of wool, cotton, and silk while the embroidery comes in many designs, hence opportunities are endless. The designs vary from simplistic range to extremely complex and intricate embroidery designs. Kashmir, being famous for hand embroidery, is a versatile market for embroidery suits.

The beautiful designs range from ari work, which consists of drawing an outline through lead pencil and imprinting the design by the needle to tilla work, which is done by using the extremely fine quantity of gold and silver are exquisite variables which are very much popular in the Himalayan regions especially the Kashmir valley. The embroidery work can be done on any fabric and so, the suits can be worn for each season and different weather conditions. This craft evolved with time and endured different phases hence the designs culminated into the modern world inventory.