15 Best Kashmiri Phiran Designs for Female

kashmiri phiran dress for female 1

Kashmiris wear the traditional phiran dress in winter. It’s worn by both men and women. Ladies Kashmiri pheran is available in different designs and materials like raffal, cashmilon, and velvet. We have handpicked the best Kashmiri pheran designs for females.

1. Tilla work pheran design for ladies

raffal tilla phera 2

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2. Cashmilon pheran with multi thread work

IMG 0367

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3. Pheran with daman ari work

IMG 0496

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4. Hand sozni pherans with neckline work

maroon sozni feren winter delhi shimla 1

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5. Female pheran with front back ari work

IMG 0733

6. Phiran dress with beautiful chinar leaves work

IMG 0675

7. Tie and dye traditional Kashmiri pheran


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8. Ladies pheran with work on neck and arms


9. Velvet with ari work pheran


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10. Jama all over work pheran for women


11. Paper machine work pheran


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12. All over hand sozni work pherans

maroon jali sozni phirin 1

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13. Sidepanel Kashmiri pheran dress

kashmiri winter pheran phirin latest 2022 gyawun online 32

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14. Jaali work ari pherans

kashmiri pheran aari jali winter online phirin feran warm long 10

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15. Zari and ari work pheran

black elegant party pheran 2

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Hope you liked the different variety of Kashmiri pheran designs. We deliver pherans all over world. Check out our entire range of phirans for females. We also have pheran for men and kids.

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