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What is special about Kashmiri cushion covers?

These luxury cushion or pillow covers from Kashmir, India have unqiue designs which are made by talented Kashmiri artisans.  These come in floral designs,flora and fauna design, chinar designs, abstract designs, tree of life tapestry, minimalist design, modern designs, elephant designs, cat designs etc. These will be a beautiful addition to any home. You can buy these online and in stores aswell.

Fabrics or Textiles used in Kashmiri Cushion Covers

Dusoot Cotton – This is locally manufactured handloom cotton in Kashmir. These cotton cushion covers are the most popular ones.

Velvet  - Imported velvet fabric is also used to make Kashmiri pillow covers

Linen - Linen Fabric is also used in Kashmiri Cushion Covers

Types of Kashmiri Cushion Covers

Crewel Cushion Covers

These have Kashmiri Dusoot Cotton as base fabric and embroidery done on them is crewel Aari work with wool thread. Crewel pillows are largely popular among all cushion covers. 

Chainstitch Cushion Covers

These also have Kashmiri Dusoot Cotton as base fabric and embroidery done on them is either silk or wool thread

Embroidery Types

Handmade Work Covers

Hand embroidered cushion covers are those in which work is done by using hands and simple tools. These take long time to make as first fabric is marked for embroidery (called chap locally) and then it is given to local artisans who start doing embroidery on them with needles.

Both Kashmir handmade crewel and chainstitch handwork cushion covers are available.

Machine Made Decorative pillow cases.

The embroidery on these is done by machine. These are made quickly and are available in bulk. These look nice but not as nice and elegant as handmade ones.

Embroidery Thread

Wool Embroidery - Wool yarn of either one-ply or two-ply is used.

Silk Embroidery – Silk thread is also used in embroidery for Kashmiri cushion covers

Sizes of Kashmiri Cushion Covers

Kashmiri cushion covers are available in these sizes 12x12,16x16,18x18, 20x20, 24 x 24 inches or 30x30, 40x40, 45x45,50x50, 60x60 cm

Shapes of Kashmiri Cushion covers

Square Cushion Covers

Most cushion covers are made in square shape

Rectangle Cushion Covers

These are mostly used on beds and large sofas


These are long, circular and narrow in shape and mostly used in Kashmiri homes to sit in rooms against the wall

How to wash Cushion covers

Hand wash is recommended. Washing machine should be avoided for these pillow covers. You can use detergent or shampoo but not soap.

Used of Kashmiri Handicraft Cushion Covers

The primary us of the Kashmiri cushion or pillow cover is to protect the couch cushion covers, throw pillows, sofa cushion covers and bed cushion covers from damage. The other use of these is decorative. These cushion covers are also ideal for gifting to your loved ones



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