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No other material can manage the finesse as that of wool. For ages, the woolen fabric has been used for making warm clothes, especially in cold places. Thick woolen jackets consisting of fur are a symbol of luxury and royalty. Aside from its aesthetic value, the woolen is reputed to keep one warm even in the harshest of the winters. The cashmere wool, generally considered the finest luxurious wool, is in high demand globally due to its extremely strong fiber, and feather touch so much so that during the Mughal era carpets made up of wool and silk were brought directly from Kashmir to the palaces and courts of the royal families in India.

Made from the finest wool fabric the woolen jackets in Kashmir are known for their amazing quality as well as fascinating designs. Carved with beautiful embroidery including ari work and sozni work, the art of making woolen jackets blended with the traditional art embroidery in Kashmir, making way for one of the kind jackets and coats, in the later ages. The woolen jackets which are made in Kashmir have an impeccable design thanks to the expert artisans who create a hand-printed design.