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Namda: Weaving Identity and Heritage – A Kashmiri Artistry Tale

namdas of kashmir

Art, when perceived via the lens of a Kashmiri, is an identity. It is not just a means of livelihood but also preserving the legacy and stories of your ancestors. It’s blood, sweat, and hard work that is passed on from one generation to another. This holds especially true for Namda making, an art of […]

Elegance in Tradition: A Captivating Kashmiri Pheran Photoshoot Unveils Timeless Style

kashmiri pheran photoshoot 1

Immerse yourself in the rich cultural tapestry of Kashmir as we present a visually stunning photoshoot showcasing the timeless elegance of the traditional Kashmiri pheran. Our lens captures the intricate details and vibrant hues of this iconic garment, weaving together a narrative that transcends generations. From the intricate embroidery to the graceful silhouettes, each frame […]

How to Calculate Kashmiri Pheran Size

Calculate pheran size

Traditional Kashmiri pherans are loose garments. They come in different size, designs, and material. Pherans are loose because they are usually worn over regular clothes i.e., layers of clothes are worn underneath them and not above them. Here’s how to understand the size mentioned for pherans on The hip size is usually 2-3 inches […]

The Timeless Charm & Elegance of the Kashmiri Karakul Cap

light brown kashmiri karakul cap

Discover the rich history and cultural significance of the Kashmiri Karakul cap, a timeless piece of headwear that exudes elegance and sophistication. Learn about its features, styles, and how to care for it. The Kashmiri Karakul cap, also known as the “Astrakhan” hat or Jinnah Cap, has been an essential accessory for generations of Kashmiri […]

15 Best Kashmiri Phiran Designs for Female

kashmiri phiran dress for female 1

Kashmiris wear the traditional phiran dress in winter. It’s worn by both men and women. Ladies Kashmiri pheran is available in different designs and materials like raffal, cashmilon, and velvet. We have handpicked the best Kashmiri pheran designs for females. 1. Tilla work pheran design for ladies Buy tilla work phiran online 2. Cashmilon pheran […]

Kashmiri Names Of Infectious Diseases

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This Home Cooked Food by a Local Kashmiri Family is a Must Try

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Tell us about yourself? My name is Hassaan Chishti. Me and my family are based out of Humhama, Budgam. I have done Bachelor’s in History from Delhi University followed by Master’s in International Studies from Symbiosis School of International Studies, Pune. Tell us about Clove Cinnamon Cardamom and how did you come up with it […]

Best Small Business Ideas in Kashmir for 2022

business ideas kashmir

Want to start your own new business in Kashmir? Don’t delay it, start now. Forget about the people who say that business is “thap” in Kashmir. Those people either could not start something of their own or do not want others to grow. People who have passion and zeal will make money in all circumstances. […]

Uffaq Mattu’s Journey of Bringing Kashmir to Los Angeles

uffaq mattu 1

Tell us about yourself My name is Uffaq Mattu. I am 48 years old. I am from Srinagar, Kashmir. I did my schooling at Presentation Convent High school, Srinagar. I have done BE in Computer Science from Bangalore and then I pursued Post Graduation in Software Development from Delhi. I am the eldest of four […]

8 Best Kashmiri Pheran Designs for Men

Kashmiri Male Pheran Designs Collections

In the winter, Kashmiris wear the loose Kashmiri dress known as Pheran or phiran. Many celebrities have worn it in movies, including Shahid Kapoor in Haider and Ranbir Kapoor in Rockstar. The kashmiri phiran male prices start at 1899 Rs. If you want to buy male pheran, you will find the latest and best designs […]

7 Types of Kashmiri Phirans You Can Buy Online


Pheran or Phiran is the traditional loose gown worn by Kashmiris in winters. There are different types of Kashmiri pherans available now for men, women, and even children. Let’s check them out. 1. Women Cashmilon pheran These are the budget-friendly pherans usually available in machine work ari and zari tilla. You will find many designs […]

Meet Arwa Siraj: Engineer Turned Baker from Kashmir

arwaa cake srinagar

Tell us about yourself? My name is Arwa Siraj. I am from Srinagar. I have done my schooling from Presentation Convent Higher Secondary School. I am an engineer and am currently pursuing from the Islamic university of science and technology, Awantipora. Professionally, I am a baker. I run my business under the name of […]

Meet The Owners of Kashmir’s First Store for Personalised Trousseau Goodies

briday kashmir

Tell us about yourself? I am Muskan Shapoo. I am 21 years old. I am from Srinagar. I am the co-owner of BriDay. I am also currently pursuing my graduation in Integrated Economics. My business partner is my sister, Misba Shapoo. She is 25! She has pursued a master’s in hospitality & hotel administration. Tell […]

Meet Three Ladies Changing The Face Of The Fashion And Beauty Industry in Kashmir

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Malika Seerat Tell us about yourself? My name is Malika Seerat, I’m 26. I have been born and brought up in the picturesque city of Srinagar and graduated high school from Presentation Convent School. Since I was a child, I always wanted to be a doctor, that too a dentist. Due to an ongoing medical […]

Meet Aamir Wani: The Man Behind Wazwan Box

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Tell us about yourself? I am Aamir Mumtaz Wani, 29 years old from Natipora Srinagar, I have done MBA Marketing & Human Resource from IUST and passed out in the year 2016. I have worked for the Aditya Birla Group for more than 7 years. Tell us about Wazwan box It was 1st July 2020, […]

Meet Sanna Masood – MD & CEO (Post-Harvest) at Farm2U

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Tell us about yourself? I, Sanna Masood, born and brought up in Kashmir – did my Bachelors in Biotechnology followed by MBA, from Delhi. In early 2008, I kick-started my career; with FabIndia Overseas Pvt. Ltd, Delhi – as a Senior Executive in Systems Protocols & Planning. After a satisfying work experience, I returned to […]

Meet Wajahat Hussain Rather – The Man Behind Raffughar Label

raffughar clothing founder

Tell us about yourself My name is Wajahat Rather. I belong to Kashmir and have been born and brought up there. I wanted to study fine arts so I joined the Institute of Fine Arts, Jammu University from where I graduated in fine arts. I am an alumnus of the National Institute of Design (NID), […]

Meet the Award-Winning Filmmaker from Sopore, Kashmir

kashmiri filmmaker

Tell us about yourself? I am Afzal Sofi. I am from Sopore, Kashmir. I did my schooling at MET Sopore. Though I was a medical student till my class 12th I was inclined towards multimedia and journalism studies as Govt degree college Baramulla had introduced it and it was considered to be a different course […]

Old Kashmir Photos with Detailed History

nehru park

History behind the pics is written by Mr Showkat Rasheid Wani Amira Kadal bridge The photograph was taken by M/S Dutta Photographers in 1930’s showing a view of Old Amirakadal. Please appreciate the traffic sense of pedestrians all of them are crossing the bridge through footpath. On the right one can see a double-story Houseboat. […]

Meet the Youngest Kashmiri to pursue Mount Everest

riza kashmir

Tell us about yourself? My name is Rizza Alee. I am a camerist and a professional mountaineer. I am the youngest Kashmiri who attempted to scale Mount Everest in 2019. I climb mountains throughout the year to pursue the farthest expansion of Earth. I work to capture stories that inspire people to consider their relationship […]

Adnan Manzoor – The Emerging Rabab Player of the Valley

adnan manzoor music

Tell us about yourself? My Name is Adnan Manzoor and I am from Srinagar, Kashmir. I am a proud Rabab player. I did my schooling at Salfia school, Parraypora, and then high schooling at New Convent High School Srinagar. I am 21 years old and I am also currently pursuing my B.Tech in Electronics and […]

Kashmiri Names of Birds

birds of kashmir

Ranga Tsar Wanda Kostur Viri Mot Poshi Nul Tont Kon Kola Tonch ( Common Kingfisher) Zar Batchi Phambe Seer Satut or Hud hud Lot Raza or Leat Raz Wyet Tont Wan Kukil Chets tal Sheena-pi-pin Goi Dofa Tiriv Haarwatijj Hazara dastaan Katij Niel kaav Pintsakkon Ghaant Kolur/Kavput Bill Bi Chur Kostur Sehara Dobbai Grad Brag […]

Meet Dr. Sharmeen Mushtaq Nizami | Kashmir’s Only Female Off-Roader

dr sharmeen

Tell us about yourself? I am Dr. Sharmeen Mushtaq Nizami, born and bought up in Srinagar. I did my schooling at Minto circle school Raj bagh and MBBS from GMC Jammu. I am a Doctor by profession, off-road racer by passion, and a social activist. I am also a mother of two. The first off-roading […]

Lalitaditya and Avantiwarman: Great Kings of Kashmir

kings of kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir has the distinction of being a unique place in the world. It has everything to look out for in a civilized nation. It has the characteristic of being the cradle of a unique brotherhood. Moreover, it has produced some great Kings that were intellectuals, engineers, human beings, etc. Here, we will talk […]