8 Best Kashmiri Pheran Designs for Men

Kashmiri Male Pheran Designs Collections

In the winter, Kashmiris wear the loose Kashmiri dress known as Pheran or phiran. Many celebrities have worn it in movies, including Shahid Kapoor in Haider and Ranbir Kapoor in Rockstar. The kashmiri phiran male prices start at 1899 Rs. If you want to buy male pheran, you will find the latest and best designs here.

1. Tweed Pheran by Shahid Kapoor

Male Pheran Shahid Kapoor

Buy Black tweed pheran for men

2. Tweed Pheran by Ranbir Kapoor

Male Pheran Ranbir Kapoor

3. Brown pheran with patch and designer arms.

Brown/Black Combination Checkered Pheran for Men

Buy designer gents pheran online

4. Box pattern male pheran with big buttons

brown check pheran for male

Buy male pheran with buttons

5. Pheran with Zip collar and pockets in front

kashmiri men pheran custom

Buy front pocket pheran.

6. Pheran with patch on sleeves and pockets.

Black Men's Pheran

Buy patch pheran for men

7. Plain black phiran having zip and buttons both.

black tweed pheran for male

8. Zip pheran with front pockets

Brown Men Pheran

Those were some of the best male Kashmiri phiran designs. Check out the entire range of men’s phiran. Finally, complete the whole look with Kashmiri kani or Karakuli caps. For summers, check out unstitched khan dress material for men.

And if you have kids, check out baby boy and girls pherans. Also, take a look at our gorgeous phirans for ladies.

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