Pheran is part of the Kashmiri culture, fashion, and daily life. Men, women, and children, all wear it. Pheran is a traditional long dress that covers the entire body up to the knees. Pherans worn by men are of simple design, made of tweed wool and usually black, brown, or grey in color. Women wear colorful pherans with embroideries like aari, sozni, and tilla work. Women phirans are available in different materials like Cashmilon, Raffal, Count, Velvet, and Tweed. 

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What is a pheran?

Pheran is a traditional Kashmiri garment that reaches below the knees and is typically crafted from heavier fabrics, often featuring buttons or zippers at the neckline and pockets on each side.

What is pheran used for?

Pheran symbolize the rich culture of Kashmir and serves the practical purpose of keeping individuals warm during the winter season. Their length is designed to block out cold air and trap the warmth generated by the kangar when individuals sit on the ground.

How to pronounce Pheran or phiran?

The accurate spelling of this garment is "pheran." "Phiran" is an Indianized rendition of this attire. You can verify the correct pronunciation of pherans by visiting this link:

Pheran is for males or ladies?

Both men and women wear pherans. Males were plain pherans without embroidery while women wear colored phirans of different fabrics with wide variety of embroideries.

What kind of Kashmiri Embroidery Phirans are available?

Kashmiri embroidery pherans are available in hand aari work, machine aari work, computer aari work, hand work sozni, machine sozni work, hand tilla work, machine tilla, machine zari work, kalamkari embroidery, dhabka and cutworks. There are also patch work pherans. Kani Print pherans are also in now.

What are type of ladies pherans?

Qurab daar Phiran is one of the oldest designs, symbol of grace and beauty.  Pherans are also classified as per embroidery designs: Botti Tilla ( has tilla work done in small pacthes on the fabric), aari jama pherans ( in which aari work is all over the pheran, fabric isnt visible), sozni jal pheran (on these sozni work is done like a net, intercnnected but spread across the pheran), naaldar pherans ( in which embroidery is around neck only), aari daman ( in which aari work is done only at bottom front part), tillah outline (in which tilla work is done only on borders)

What fabric is used in pherans?

Premium women pherans are mostly made in pashmina, raffal or velvet fabric. Budget women phirans are made in cashmilon or polywool or mixed fabrics. Silk, silk velvet, shaneel velvet, makhmal, and Crepe silk fabric pherans are mostly used in weddings by ladies. Summer phirans are made in ruby cotton fabric for girls.Some other fabrics used in pheran making are ladhaki velvet,terri wool & cots wool. Tweed or patu fabrics are mostly popular among men as these are heavy and mosyly dull colored. Fleece fabrics are used aswell for both men and women pherans.

Note: If it is cheap it is not a Pashmina pheran. Pashmina pherans start from 10K INR for one pheran

What are types of gents kashmiri pherans?

Kashmiri pherans for men are either either traditional design or coat type pherans. Pherans for men are made with either tweed or patu fabric.

Where is it possible to acquire or purchase pherans?

The best phirans can be purchased online on Gyawun ships pherans from Srinagar, Kashmir, India. Our pricing and quality is unmatchable in digital word.

If you are in Srinagar you can buy phirens from Lalchowk market, poloview market, batamalo market or downtown Srinagar. If you are looking for pherans in wholesale, then you to buy them from Mahrajabazar, Kokerbazar, Khanyar, Khayam, Hawal, Noorbagh or Baghe Ali Mardan in Srinagar. At Baghe Ali Mardan there are many factories who make machine work pherans. You can also buy pherans from JK Handloom Arts Corporation shops at Lalchowk and Pahalgam.

In Delhi you can buy pherans in winter at Lajpatnagar market. In Shimla you can buy ferans at many shops on mall road. 

How to calculate Kashmiri Pheran size for yourself?

We have written a blog on pheran sizing. You can check it here

How much time does it take to deliver a Koshur pheran?

If you order online on then to Delhi NCR it will be delivered in 3-4 days via DTDC and Bluedart. To other metros it takes 4-5 days. To tier 2 cities pherans are delivered in 5-7 days. We also deliver pherans to all countries outisde India via DHL or Fedex in 7-14 days.

If a pheran is ready made it is dispatched same day or next day. If it is a customised pheran then it might take a week to 2 months to make the pheran.

Are there pherans for kids aswell?

Yes pherans come for 1 year old kids to teenagers. Boys pherans can be seen here and girls phirens can be seen here.

Which are some popular pheran brand?

The most popular phiran brands are Gyawun Pherans, Kashmir Box phirens, Tul Palav ferans, Saira Tramboo phirins, Magic of Needle pherans and Kashur Lehlav phirans. Apart from these are many other brands in Jammu and Delhi who buy sell pherans at exorbitant rates, we do not recommend them. Always buy pherans from brand based in Kashmir.

Do all pherans have lining inside?

The inner lining of a pheran, known as "postch," is typically crafted from cotton fabric. It can be incorporated into the front, back, or both sections of the pheran, or even extended to cover the arms entirely. The purpose of adding postch is to enhance warmth. While some individuals have the postch stitched directly into the pheran, many Kashmiri Pandits prefer it as a separate garment. It's worth noting that most ready-made pherans do not come with a lining; however, postch can be custom-made upon request.

Can pherans be altered?

Depends! For ladies pherans if there is no embroidery around the borders of pheran then both length and width can be altered. If there is embroidery at the bottom border then length cant be reduced. 

Male pherans can be altered without any issues. Just take it to your local tailor he would do the needful. 

How to wash pherans?

Pashmina, Raffal, tweed,velvet, silk and all handwork pherans have to be dry cleaned only. Other pherans you can clean by handwash at home.

Where can you find more details about pherans?

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What is the price of Kashmiri Pheran in India?

Cashmilon pherans cost Rs 500-2000. Raffal pherans with aari machine work cost Rs 1200-5000. Raffal pherans with aari handwork cost between Rs 1500-7000. Raffal Pherans with hand sozni work cost 1500-8000. Machine tilla pherans starts from rs 500-6000 depending on fabric and amount of tilla used. Hand till pherans start from Rs 4000 to almost Rs 50000