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How to Calculate Kashmiri Pheran Size

Traditional Kashmiri pherans are loose garments. They come in different size, designs, and material. Pherans are loose because they are usually worn over regular clothes i.e., layers of clothes are worn underneath them and not above them.

  • Each pheran on Gyawun.com has an individual size.
  • We do not have the same pheran in different sizes.

Here’s how to understand the size mentioned for pherans on Gyawun.com:

  • Length: It is the measurement from top to bottom. We have pherans ranging from 20 inches to 46 inches.
  • Width: It is the total measurement of the chest. That is front and back. For instance, if a pheran has 56 inch width, it means the front side is 26 inch and the back is 26 as well.

The hip size is usually 2-3 inches more than the bust/chest size.

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