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What is a Kashmiri saree?

Sarees made in Kashmir region of India are called as Kashmiri sarees

Why are Kashmiri sarees famous?

Unlike their flamboyant South Indian counterparts, Kashmiri sarees exude a subtle elegance. Kashmiri sarees are renowned for their exquisite craftsmanship, intricate embroidery, luxurious fabrics, and subtle colors.

Which fabrics are used to make Kashmiri sarees?

Fabrics used in Kashmir for saree production are pashmina, georgette, kani, silk, crepe and organza..

Which type of embroideries are done on Kashmiri sarees?

There are mainly 3 types of embroideries done on Kashmiri sarees: Tilla, Sozni and Aari. Tilla work sarees are adorned with delicate gold or silver threads. Tilla work can be either handwork or machine work. Tilla Handwork sarees are very expensive Sozni embroidery sarees feature intricate hand-embroidered needle works. Aari work sarees are either handwork or machine work. Aari work sarees are either border work, jal or heavy work sarees.

How much do Kashmiri sarees cost?

Machine work saree can cost anywhere between 1500-15000 INR. Kashmiri handwork sarees cost between 2500 rupees to 3 Lakh rupees

How should I care for a Kashmiri saree?

Kashmiri sarees are delicate and require special care. Dry cleaning is recommended. Store them carefully, preferably wrapped in some cloth, to prevent damage from moisture or sunlight.