7 Types of Kashmiri Phirans You Can Buy Online

Pheran or Phiran is the traditional loose gown worn by Kashmiris in winters. There are different types of Kashmiri pherans available now for men, women, and even children. Let’s check them out.

1. Women Cashmilon pheran

These are the budget-friendly pherans usually available in machine work ari and zari tilla. You will find many designs of Cashmilon pheran such as all over jali design, boab naal, panel, and neck work.

Buy Female Pherans Online

Boab Naal Zari Work Pheran
Jaali Work Cashmilon
Neck Design Cashmilon Phiran

Buy Zari work pherans online

2. Women Raffal Pheran

These are the medium-range phirans made from raffal wool. These are enriched with machine ari work, hand ari, sozniwork, and machine tilla.

Raffal Tilla Pheran
Raffal Phiran With Hand Ari
Pheran Panel Design
Sozni Pheran

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3. Women Tweed and Pattu Pheran

Pherans were originally made using either Tweed or Pattu material. These pherans are fitted with a cloth lining called as poss. They are best suited to be used with Kangri and keep a person warm. Now, you will find tweed pherans in beautiful colors decorated with ari or tilla embroidery.

Tweed Pheran with Tilla

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4. Velvet Pheran

Velvet or Makhmal pherans are mostly considered party wear. They are decorated with either hand ari work or machine and hand tilla. Makhmal pherans are also part of a Kashmiri bride’s trousseau list.

Velvet Pheran with Tilla

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5. Pheran sets

Pheran sets consist of a phiran with matching trousers and a dupatta.

6. Kids Pheran

Boy pherans are typically made of tweed, whereas girl pherans are typically made of tweed or velvet and embellished with ari or tilla work.

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7. Male pheran

Male pherans are traditionally made of Tweed, but they are now also made of Fleece.

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