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Namda: Weaving Identity and Heritage – A Kashmiri Artistry Tale

namdas of kashmir

Art, when perceived via the lens of a Kashmiri, is an identity. It is not just a means of livelihood but also preserving the legacy and stories of your ancestors. It’s blood, sweat, and hard work that is passed on from one generation to another. This holds especially true for Namda making, an art of […]

Elegance in Tradition: A Captivating Kashmiri Pheran Photoshoot Unveils Timeless Style

kashmiri pheran photoshoot 1

Immerse yourself in the rich cultural tapestry of Kashmir as we present a visually stunning photoshoot showcasing the timeless elegance of the traditional Kashmiri pheran. Our lens captures the intricate details and vibrant hues of this iconic garment, weaving together a narrative that transcends generations. From the intricate embroidery to the graceful silhouettes, each frame […]

How to Calculate Kashmiri Pheran Size

Calculate pheran size

Traditional Kashmiri pherans are loose garments. They come in different size, designs, and material. Pherans are loose because they are usually worn over regular clothes i.e., layers of clothes are worn underneath them and not above them. Here’s how to understand the size mentioned for pherans on The hip size is usually 2-3 inches […]

The Timeless Charm & Elegance of the Kashmiri Karakul Cap

light brown kashmiri karakul cap

Discover the rich history and cultural significance of the Kashmiri Karakul cap, a timeless piece of headwear that exudes elegance and sophistication. Learn about its features, styles, and how to care for it. The Kashmiri Karakul cap, also known as the “Astrakhan” hat or Jinnah Cap, has been an essential accessory for generations of Kashmiri […]

15 Best Kashmiri Phiran Designs for Female

kashmiri phiran dress for female 1

Kashmiris wear the traditional phiran dress in winter. It’s worn by both men and women. Ladies Kashmiri pheran is available in different designs and materials like raffal, cashmilon, and velvet. We have handpicked the best Kashmiri pheran designs for females. 1. Tilla work pheran design for ladies Buy tilla work phiran online 2. Cashmilon pheran […]

8 Best Kashmiri Pheran Designs for Men

Kashmiri Male Pheran Designs Collections

In the winter, Kashmiris wear the loose Kashmiri dress known as Pheran or phiran. Many celebrities have worn it in movies, including Shahid Kapoor in Haider and Ranbir Kapoor in Rockstar. The kashmiri phiran male prices start at 1899 Rs. If you want to buy male pheran, you will find the latest and best designs […]

7 Types of Kashmiri Phirans You Can Buy Online


Pheran or Phiran is the traditional loose gown worn by Kashmiris in winters. There are different types of Kashmiri pherans available now for men, women, and even children. Let’s check them out. 1. Women Cashmilon pheran These are the budget-friendly pherans usually available in machine work ari and zari tilla. You will find many designs […]

Old Kashmir Photos with Detailed History

nehru park

History behind the pics is written by Mr Showkat Rasheid Wani Amira Kadal bridge The photograph was taken by M/S Dutta Photographers in 1930’s showing a view of Old Amirakadal. Please appreciate the traffic sense of pedestrians all of them are crossing the bridge through footpath. On the right one can see a double-story Houseboat. […]

Kashmiri Names of Birds

birds of kashmir

Ranga Tsar Wanda Kostur Viri Mot Poshi Nul Tont Kon Kola Tonch ( Common Kingfisher) Zar Batchi Phambe Seer Satut or Hud hud Lot Raza or Leat Raz Wyet Tont Wan Kukil Chets tal Sheena-pi-pin Goi Dofa Tiriv Haarwatijj Hazara dastaan Katij Niel kaav Pintsakkon Ghaant Kolur/Kavput Bill Bi Chur Kostur Sehara Dobbai Grad Brag […]

Kashmiri Pashmina Shawl Types, Styles, and Sizes


Different styles of Pashmina Shawls Harshidaar – In this 2 inch embroidery work is done around the shawl on borders. This shawl does not have any any embroidery in the middle of shawl. Neemdoor – In this type of shawl as well embroidery is done around the border of the shawl, but in this embroidery […]

Revival of Kashmiri Music and Songs Among Youth


Kashmiri music and songs have a long history, since ages they have been profound part of Kashmiri culture . As a result, the Valley has seen a galaxy of great singers and artists, upholding the great tradition of Kashmiri folk, poetry and music. With each decade that has passed most of the Kashmiri people especially […]

Kashmiri Pheran – About, Types, Uses & Wearing Guide

Blue Pure Wool Pheran With Hand Aari Embroidery

Clothes aren’t everything there is to a person. But, the association with traditional clothes is beautiful. Kashmiris associate themselves with what they wear. They hold it as a dear part of their identity. And, pherans are something that are purely a part of Kashmiri history, culture & tradition. Pheran, a loose part of clothing, extending […]

PAPIER MACHE – The Story Behind The Amazing Art

paper mache art kashmir

The intricate patterns carved detail on a box, elegant colors on beautifully designed animal shapes, papier Mache is an amazing craft passed down generations to generations, for centuries. Having travelled from Central Asia but making its home in Kashmir, the fascinating art involves the creation of design by carving pulp of paper in various molds […]

Kashmiri Mythical Creatures

kashmiri mystical creatures

By Onaiza Drabu Rantas She is a witch and a seductress. Her feet are usually turned backwards. She is known to kidnap men, take them to her cave in mountains and eats out the hearts of men. She is known to seek husbands amongst mortals, but their attachment has fatal consequences, as its object dies […]

Types of Female Folk in Kashur Khandar

kashmiri wedding women

Kashur khandar is all fun with the lovely female folk. Starting from cute chubby toddlers dressed in beautiful uncomfortable dresses to old great grannies who have only one job “Doikher karun”.   Now let me tell you some categories.   My fav are those chulbuli, chan chabeli type girls namely janu, sonu, monu, simi, pinki, […]

Interesting Things You Need to know About Chillai Kalan

chilia kalan winter kashmir

Chillai Kalan is the 40 day harsh winter period  in Kashmir. This period sends shivers down one’s spine. Chillai-Kalan begins from December 21 and ends on January 31 next year.  Chillai Kalan is a Persian term. Chilla means 40, Kalan means bigger. There are 3 Chilas The Chillai Kalan, the Chillai Khurd, and the Challai […]