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Kashmiri Mythical Creatures

By Onaiza Drabu Rantas She is a witch and a seductress. Her feet are usually turned backwards. She is known to kidnap men, take them to her cave in mountains and eats out the hearts of men. She is known to seek husbands amongst mortals, but their attachment has fatal consequences, as its object dies […]

Types of Female Folk in Kashur Khandar

Kashur khandar is all fun with the lovely female folk. Starting from cute chubby toddlers dressed in beautiful uncomfortable dresses to old great grannies who have only one job “Doikher karun”.   Now let me tell you some categories.   My fav are those chulbuli, chan chabeli type girls namely janu, sonu, monu, simi, pinki, […]

Interesting Things You Need to know About Chillai Kalan

Chillai Kalan is the 40 day harsh winter period  in Kashmir. This period sends shivers down one’s spine. Chillai-Kalan begins from December 21 and ends on January 31 next year.  Chillai Kalan is a Persian term. Chilla means 40, Kalan means bigger. There are 3 Chilas The Chillai Kalan, the Chillai Khurd, and the Challai […]

Reaction of Kashmiri Mothers When Kangri Falls Down

1. Trath sinthas.. nov namdhh zoluth(even if it was decade old) 2. Tohi shikaslad shuren shoobwini kamli peatth behuen.tuhuend gachhi taatth trawin 3. Magaz yeli phonas kun aes ath chu yie gachan 4. Hy hy faan koruth ath,dimaag chui asan khabar katy 5. Hai pai kaanger , Ichen chai na gaash 6. Touhe chaw zaayde […]

In Pictures Visit to Ahad Sons Delhi

Ahad Sons, Kashmiri Food Delivery and Takeaway at Uday Park, New Delhi Ahad Sons Menu Mr Abdul Ahad Waza Packaged Ghustabas at Ahad Sons Ahad Waza  3 Ristas, 3 Ghustabas, 3 Pieces in Marchwagun Korma, Nadur Yakhni and Gante Chutney  costed  us 1400 Rupees.  Best Kashmiri food in Delhi. Each bite reminded of wazwan at […]

The Complete Guide To Mahashivaratri – The Biggest Festival of Kashmiri Pandits

Mahashivaratri, locally known as ‘Shivaratri’, or ‘Herath’ in Kashmiri, is undoubtedly the biggest festival of the Kashmiri Pandits. The large-scale celebrations on this day are more elaborate than on Holi, Diwali in our community. It falls in the month of February or early March and is celebrated with great zeal and fervor. Interestingly, Kashmiri Brahmins […]

10 Surprising Health Benefits Of Kashmiri Saffron

Saffron or ‘kesar’, is a wonder spice found in every Kashmiri household and occupies a special place in our hearts. From being added to pulaav for its unique flavour, boiled in tea for aroma, to being used as seasoning on kheer – it is one spice which the Kashmiri kitchen cannot do without! Famously known […]

Here’s Everything You Need to Know About a Kashmiri Pandit Wedding

Here’s Everything You Need to Know About a Kashmiri Pandit Wedding Weddings are quite an elaborate affair, and Kashmiri weddings more so! The seemingly never-ending list of pre-wedding, wedding and post wedding functions is something most Kashmiris are familiar with. And that’s what makes the amalgam of love, beauty and families (or simply, marriage), more […]

Modern Kashmiri Girl Names

Are you looking for some unique name for your Kashmiri daughter?  Here are a few of our suggestions which are modern, trendy and of which your daughter will be proud of: Aabshar Aayat Afsa Ahana Ahba Aimaa Aira Aisha Ajar Ajawa Ajwa Al Hawra Alaa Aleezay Alezeh Aliena Alisha Alishba Aliza Alvira Amairah Amal Amima […]

Top Religious Places To Visit in Kashmir

There are many facades to Kashmir which cannot be overlooked while visiting this place for sure. And of the aspect is the mystical and spiritual vibe that surrounds the whole valley and binds different religions together. To experience such soul healing experience you should visit some centuries old shrines that adorn this heaven on earth. […]

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