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Old Kashmir Video By Gyawun

This video is a compilation of video bytes between 1930 -1974 You might also like this video which had created before this video. It was a footages available from 1919- 1985 Look for old Kashmiri Proverbs? Check here

Modern Kashmiri Girl Names

Are you looking for some unique name for your Kashmiri daughter?  Here are a few of our suggestions which are modern, trendy and of which your daughter will be proud of: Ahba Aimaa Hoorein Lailat Laraib Rehaab Imra Muntaha Batool Eshal: the name of flower

Top Religious Places To Visit in Kashmir

There are many facades to Kashmir which cannot be overlooked while visiting this place for sure. And of the aspect is the mystical and spiritual vibe that surrounds the whole valley and binds different religions together. To experience such soul healing experience you should visit

Books By Young Kashmiris That You Should Read

Be the CEO You Always Wanted to Marry Author: Insha S Qazi This book provides a step to step approach to living with greater courage and helps in the foundation of self-leadership and entrepreneurship for women. Buy here Hijras of Kashmir Author: Dr. Aijaz Ahmad

Outstanding Short Films Made by Kashmiris That You Can Watch Online

Srinagar: Through A Tourist’s Eyes by Ruman Hamdani This short film is about an Italian girl’s trip to Kashmir and her stay with a Kashmiri family.  Watch Srinagar: Through A Tourist’s Eyes here Firaaq by Hyder Habib This short film is a fictional story about separation. Watch Firaaq

5 Reasons Why Every Kashmiri Should Feel Proud of Local Doctors

When an unethical news channel with a sub-standard journalism starts reminding people of Kashmir who they always refer as PAK lovers ( or stone-pelters) about the ethics of medical practice then something somewhere is wrong. The goonish news channel might be trying to gain some trust on

Kashmiri Tilla Embroidery in Pictures

What is Tilla embroidery? Tilla Embroidery  is one of the most celebrated Kashmiri handicrafts. It is done on women garments to give a royal look. It is done with help of silver or gold threads. Tilla designs are done on lower neck, cuffs  and lower

Kashmiri Ver Recipe | How to Make Kashmiri Ver at Home

Ingredients: Lal Mirchi Powder 1 kg Chopped Shallot Wild Onion( Pa’raan  in Kashmiri)  Species mixed ( Badi illachi, aBdyaan, Cloves etc all chopped) Oil Garlic 1.5 kg It depends on u how much want to make. Preparation: First clean the garlic and dry for a

8 Things That Make Kashmiri Mothers Special

Article by Ain Wani, Cover Photo by Isam Wani Courage Mothers of Kashmir have seen and endured a big deal of bloodshed around them. There are thousands of women who’ve lost their children to the struggle of freedom and they’re living with it with immense

8 Things You Learn After Relishing Kashmiri Wazwan

Who hasn’t heard about the grandeur of the Kashmiri cuisine! It is claiming a lot of international attention as well. So today at Gyawun, we’ll tell you why eating ‘Wazwan’ is an unforgettable experience! Here are 8 things that it teaches you: 1. Togetherness: People

How To Make Authentic Kashmiri Kahwa At Home

British-Kashmiri blogger, Sumaya Teli shares how, as a newlywed, her husband surprised her with his kehwa making knowledge. Perfect for Ramadan and beyond! Find more from Sumaya at The first time my husband and I hosted a dinner party for guests as a newly

Style Inspiration : Pheran-Omenal Koshur Chic

Aricle by Sumaya Teli ‘Sumaya Teli is a British Kashmiri now living in the USA with her husband and three children. She is founder and writer at ~ a popular lifestyle blog rooted in experiences of being a western global Muslim, Woman and Mother. Couple