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Kashmiri Old Proverbs

Achev khote che kuthe duur The knees are farther than the eyes. (Blood is thicker than water.) Akh duda biyi maji kyut toak An uninvited guest, and he wants a (Toak) plateful of food for his mother [in addition to feeding himself] ! (Brazenness.) Akh

English Names For Kashmiri Eatables

Haakh: Collard Greens or Kale Monj Haakh: Knol khol TSochael: Mallow Kretcz: Knapweed Handh: Dandelion greens Leesae: Red Amaranth Nunnar: Purslane Bamchoonth: Quince WanPalakh- Goose foot Kral Mound- Shepherds purse Saze Posh- Holly hock Nadur – Lotus Stem Praan – Shallots Aubuj – Rumex Mawal-

English Translations of Kashmiri Relationships

Father in Kashmiri is called Mole or Bab. Mother in Kashmiri is called Mouj Daughter in Kashmiri Son in Kashmiri is called Nechu   Sister in Kashmiri is called Beni Brother in Kashmiri is called Boi Maternal aunt in Kashmiri is called Mass Paternal Aunt

Let’s Raise a Cup of Kahwah to These Incredible Kashmiri Women

To the morally strong, mentally empowered, kind, naturally compassionate, empathetic, happy in their skin and to those women specially who don’t find men as the reference to validate their position but consider them as a important aspect that is equally important in their own special

Kashmiri Words – Part 2

Dull person in Kashmiri Fireplace in Kashmiri Itching in Kashmiri Madman in Kashmiri Disorder in Kashmiri Bath in Kashmiri Nettle in Kashmiri Knot in Kashmiri Reed Mat in Kashmiri Stranger in Kashmiri Hungry in Kashmiri Rainbow in Kashmiri You can find more Kashmiri words here