English Translations of Kashmiri Relationships

brother in law kashmiri1

Father in Kashmiri is called Mole or Bab.

father in kashmiri

Mother in Kashmiri is called Mouj

mother in Kashmiri mouj

Daughter in Kashmiri

daughter inkashmiri

Son in Kashmiri is called Nechu

son Kashmiri


Sister in Kashmiri is called Beni

sisiter in kashmiri

Brother in Kashmiri is called Boi

brother kashmiri

Maternal aunt in Kashmiri is called Mass

maternal aunt kashmiri

Paternal Aunt in Kashmiri is called Poph

paternal aunt in kashmiri 1


Father-in-law in Kashmiri is called hyuhur

father in law 1


Mother-in-law in Kashmiri is called Hash

mother in law kakashmiri

Son-in-Law in Kashmiri is called Zamtur

son in law

Daughter in law in Kashmiri is called Nosh

nosh duagher in law kashmiri

Wife’s sister is called SAL

wife sister in kashmiri sali

Husband’s Sister is called Zam

husbands sister zam

Sister’s husband or a brother-in-law in Kashmiri is called Bema

brother in law kashmiri

A woman’s husband’s younger brother is called Dryuyu


Fathers brothers wife in Kashmiri is called Pihchin

fathers brothers wife kashmiri translate

Fathers brother is called Pitar

fathers brother kashmiri

Wife’s brother in Kashmiri is called Hahar

brother in law kashmiri1

Brothers wife is called Bayikakin

brothers wife

Brother’s son, a nephew is called Babathar


Mother’s Brother is called Maam

mothers brother

Masatur boi-  Mother’s sister son

Masatur bĕñĕ –  the daughter of a maternal aunt, a female maternal cousin

Masatur bema – The husband of the daughter of a maternal aunt, the husband of a maternal cousin.

Masatur dryuyu –  The son of a husband’s maternal aunt, a husband’s maternal cousin.

Masatur Hahar – the mother’s sister’s son of a wife, a wife’s maternal cousin.

Masatur Baayikakan-  Wife of a mother’s sister’s son, the wife of a maternal cousin

Masatur Hihur- Husband or wifes maternal aunts husband

Masatur Hash – Husband or wifes maternal aunt

Masatur Nan – Mother maternal aunt

Mastur Sal – Wifes Maternal female cousin

Mastur Zam – Daughter of the maternal aunt of a husband

Hamsoyi-bay-  a neighbor’s wife; a female neighbor.

Warakur-  Daughter by husbands first wife

Argon – A person whose father is a Kashmirīi but whose mother is not

Zomith-gobur -The son of a husband’s sister

Kori-mol the father of a girl; esp. the father of a bride

Kori moj- mother of a girl, esp mother of a bride

Popha-hash – a husband’s or wife’s paternal aunt

Pophatur boi –  The son of a father’s sister

Pophuw – The husband of a father’s sister