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Everything you need to know about real people of Kashmir

Best Small Business Ideas in Kashmir for 2022

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Want to start your own new business in Kashmir? Don’t delay it, start now. Forget about the people who say that business is “thap” in Kashmir. Those people either could not start something of their own or do not want others to grow. People who have passion and zeal will make money in all circumstances. […]

Important Covid Leads in Kashmir

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Oxygen Concentrators and Oxygen Cylinders, Oxymeters,Athrout Kashmir Nawakadal– 0194-2420163 , +91-9796-946968SRO Batamaloo – 18001022146Orzu Trust Humhama – +91-6006-613290, +91 6006613291Falahudarain (Srinagar) – +91-7006076007Pampore – +91-9596599308North End Enterprises – +91-7889849186JK gases – +91-9797938140Mian Gases – +91-9797004900Nowgam – 9797122432Humhama ( Oxygen Cylinders) 7006038241Baghimehtab ( Oxygen Cylinders) 99006676363Mooj Welfare Magam 7006304637Waheed Gojwara – Oxygen Concentrators-979680420Imdaad Srinagar – Oxygen […]

Best Gynecologist in Srinagar

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Doctor Location Popularity No.1 Syed Naseer Syed Medicos, Opposite JVC Hospital  & sheikh ul alam 29.20% No.2 Tahir Malik Guru Lane Barzulla 12.68% No.3 Tania Makhdoomi Nundreshi colony bye pass 11.80% No.4 Mohammad Ashraf Kar Florence hospital 10.03% No.5 Farhat Jabeen LD and Modern Hospital 9.44% No.6 Bilquees Jameela  Ramzan hospital 8.26% No.7 Basanti Ganjoo […]

Kashmiri Mythical Creatures

kashmiri mystical creatures

By Onaiza Drabu Rantas She is a witch and a seductress. Her feet are usually turned backwards. She is known to kidnap men, take them to her cave in mountains and eats out the hearts of men. She is known to seek husbands amongst mortals, but their attachment has fatal consequences, as its object dies […]

History of Kashmir – Complete Chronology of Rulers

Are you interested in ancient history of Kashmir? Want to know who was First king of Kashmir? Or are you interested to know about Sikh/Afghan/Dogra rule in Kashmir? You have to come to right place. We have compiled this massive list of Kings/Rulers of Kashmir after a great deal of research. Gonada 1 3120-3103 B.C […]

English Vs Kashmiri

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. English : I Don’t Care Kashmiri : Mea Cha Grean @HameedRutba English :Hey bro! long time no see Kashmiri: wenya chuk bod mohneo banyoumet ase gareebun kun chuk ne wechini @bluebird866 English: so good to see you after so long Kashmiri: che kar gayekh yeecha baed. Zann aasikh raathi meani khoni manz gindaan. @Iamuswah […]

Kashmiri Marriage/Relationship Survey Results

Smoking Vs Relationship Status

What is more important to Kashmiris in a marriage/relationship Below chart shows what Kashmiris find more important in a marriage or relationship. Trust leads the charts, followed by respect and honesty. If we look at these findings through gender prism, for women respect is most important, followed by loyalty and trust. In contrast for men. […]

Insights From Salary & Job Satisfaction Survey of Kashmiris Living Outside

Highest Education Qualification of Kashmiris Living Outside the Valley

Gyawun conducted a survey recently through its telegram group which has audience of Kashmiris living outside of valley only. Huge number of people participated in our Kashmir survey. To get honest and true responses the survey participation was kept anonymous. We thank our community members for their participation in this survey and help us bring […]

What Indians Can Learn From Kashmiris


Usually Indians always try to tell Kashmiris what to do or what to learn from them, so here we present few things which Indians can try to learn from Kashmiris. Stand for your own people When Burhan Wani was killed (terrorist for some, martyr for others) we rallied behind him for days. When 17 year […]

5 Reasons Why Every Kashmiri Should Feel Proud of Local Doctors

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In Kashmir, we might have the worst health infrastructure, but we have got very good doctors.  The Kashmiri doctors have proven their excellence in every corner of the world but unfortunately we are not able to gauge their worth. Be it the present day situation of fighting Covid 19 or any other health emergency that […]

8 Things That Make Kashmiri Mothers Special

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Article by Ain Wani, Cover Photo by Isam Wani Courage Mothers of Kashmir have seen and endured a big deal of bloodshed around them. There are thousands of women who’ve lost their children to the struggle of freedom and they’re living with it with immense strength and courage. To live with the pain of having […]

Here’s why Kashmiris Are Beautiful People (Inside Out)

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Just recently saw an “Ambitchous”(striving to be more bitchy than average) Major on Indian media with knowledge limited to Youniverse (knowledge about oneself only, also such a person is called “GUPAN” in Kashmiri) on a programme asking why Kashmiris have red cheeks and why they look healthy and beautiful. In that nonversation (completely worthless conversation) he went […]

You Know You Are A Kashmiri When?

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When you hear your mum ask “heyy aaz kyahsa rannav suinn” (@mohsin_naqshbandi) 2.  When you say Wasta Rass katra traaw sa baye (@thejunaidshah) 3. When you see kashmiri outside kashmir and say yoor te chi kashir aamit. (@aatiqshafiq) 4. When you get caught with your gf on valentine’s day..And you be like “kalaam_allah’as path ‘ez chey Yi […]

10 Reasons Why Every Kashmiri Should Feel Proud

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1. We are survivors We have survived massive floods, terrible earthquakes, deadly icy avalanches, killer storms and human atrocities. We have survived a three months long curfew without a break. We have survived without mobile, internet and even electricity for week’s altogether. And still we rise through it all with a greater conviction and zeal. […]

8 Myths About Kashmiris, Everyone Should Clear in Their Mind

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Myth 1: Kashmiris live on Indian Tax Payers money and enjoy subsidies The people of J&K pay tax more than 11 Indian states, they pay more than states likes Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Assam and even Goa and  almost equal to Bihar. Source here And on that only 1% of Indian population pays income tax, so before […]

10 Things that Make Kashmiri Women Special

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1. Beauty  Kashmiri women are beyond beautiful. Almost every woman in Kashmir is above average when it comes to beauty. There is beauty in their simplicity and in their sophistication. 2. Maazrath  Our women are the most hospitable creatures ever born on the face of this planet. They are very friendly and generous when it comes to […]