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Firdaus X He’s a Pirate – Kashmiri Fusion

Firdaus X He’s a Pirate. Kashmiri fusion. Music credits : Concept : Sufiyan Malik Recorded,Mixed,Mastered by Hujat Kirmani Music Composed (Firdaus) : Sufiyan Malik Piano and electric guitar : Hujat Kirmani Nout/Matka : Zakir Bakshi Rabab : Sufiyan Malik Classical Guitar : Manan Khan Video

Tamanna by Yawar Abdal

‘Tamanna’ is a song based on the poetry of three legendary poets ‘Mehjoor’, ‘Mirza Ghalib’ and ‘Ameeri Khusrow’. This song defines some of the stages of ‘Sufis’ where they try to come out of this world and stop desiring for the materialistic world. The only

Rah Bakshtam Ser by Ali Saffudin

Rah Bakshtam is a poem by Kashmir poetess Habba Khatoon (1554–1609) Lyrics Rah Bakshtam Ser Parvardaigaro May the Benevolent God forgive give all my sins Tsche kyoho waatiyo myani marnai What will you gain with my death. Separ Treh mar parma ki ano, pher na

Snow In Kashmir

Credit: Raqeeb Gulzar, Ahrar Qadri, Maizum Shah, Sameer Saran, Tahir Syed, Ali Hussain Meer, Sajjad Sofi Edited by Manan from Gyawun Cover photo by Majid Jeelani  

Kashmir in 1955

Gyawun presents in association with Penn Museum, a snippet of how Kashmir was in 1955. Video shows kinds of handicrafts made and social culture of Kashmiri people during that period.

Mauji ( Mother)

By Fayiz Farooq Lyrics Mai wadd mouji wichh kamm janaaan maajen treavith draiii… Khooni zanaan khoonich kadrah beyi noo zaani kanhh… Sui hou zaani yess chui raawaan jigeras manz jigerah… Mai wadd mouji wichh kamm janaaan maajen treavith draiii… Mouj tcheii dapaan kati chukha hooo