10 Reasons Why Every Kashmiri Should Feel Proud

1. We are survivors

We have survived massive floods, terrible earthquakes, deadly icy avalanches, killer storms and human atrocities. We have survived a three months long curfew without a break. We have survived without mobile, internet and even electricity for week’s altogether.

And still we rise through it all with a greater conviction and zeal.

2. We are strong

 Not only do we survive the above mentioned we get our lives in order and rise through the catastrophes that have pushed us down and hollowed our souls , with smiles on our faces looking towards better times we don’t let loose our hope.

3. We don’t give a damn what anyone says about us.

We have been labeled as stone pelters, jihadists, terrorists, algawadi, ugarwadi, Pak lovers, Pak funded 500 Rs stone pelters, ungrateful (as they say living on their tax payers money :P) but do we care about it? Answer is blunt NO. We just laugh it out! . As we know what matters is our conviction for our land .

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4. We are determined

We are determined to continue the struggle for freedom from foreign occupations. We have been patiently waiting for 28 years now, our conviction to this struggle will not ever mellow down, not until we get what we deserve. FREEDOM

5. We treat everyone equally

In Kashmir it does not matter if you wear a veil, turban or vermilion on your head no body gives a damn.

You won’t find anyone who discriminates on the lines of caste, creed, religion or race in day to day life.

The best example of impartiality among Kashmiris is Trami during Wazwan. Assembled in groups of four around a nickel-plated ‘Trami’,  people sit together to eat irrespective of who you are, where you from and what you do.

6. We raise our voice against injustice

We protest against any human right violations, oppression, torture. Be it on our streets , our homes or in the lands seven seas away from us, We are not mute spectators.  Even though we might not be seen in large numbers out in celebrations, we stand shoulder to shoulder in mourning of our Shaheeds, like that of Burhan Wanis.

7. We don’t hate anyone

Irrespective of our neighboring nations who are thirsty for each others blood, we Kashmiris don’t actually hate anyone.

We, our fathers, even grandfathers had and still have affection for Pakistan.Yes we love to see Pakistan cricket team win, &we adore their music, heritage and culture. But that doesn’t mean we want to be Pakistanis, most of us don’t want to be a part of Pakistan.

Also in Kashmir the majority, does not identify themselves as Indian but that doesn’t mean they  hate Indian people. Every Kashmiri has atleast one friend who is Indian. We watch bollywood movies, we dance on  Punjabi music, we grew up watching Hum panch, Raja Rancho, Bomkesh Bakshi, Chandrakanta , we even love Indian vegetarian food though we don’t love it more than Wazwan.

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8. We are beautiful people

Sidelining our  beautiful features which everyone is quite aware of , we are beautiful by heart. Our hospitality is unbeatable.  People who have not visited Kashmir might label us in a bad way, but if they visit Kashmir or meet any Kashmiri their perspectives always change in our support witnessing our hospitality and beautiful nature.

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9. We are Koshur at heart and love Kashmir, no matter where we live

 You can take Kashmiri out of Kashmir, but you cant take Kashmir out of him/her. No matter where we are in this planet we feel for Kashmir, we feel the pain, we miss the breeze on Dal, we miss wazwan, we miss our hakh bate.

My name is Amarpreet Kour Dutta , I am a Proud Kashmiri Sikh Girl

10. Arnab is still alive 😛

We know what Arnab says about kashmir (Trust me our blood boils), yet we haven’t had a mental breakdown as a community.

On a lighter note he is still alive AND THEY STILL CALL US TERRORISTS. ?

If he comes to Kashmir we would still offer him a cup of kehwa . Thats Kashmiriyat , Insaaniyat and Jhamoriyat for you.

Edited by:  Faakirah Irfan

Photo by:  Anas Ammar

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