This Sad Story of a Divorced Couple and Their Adopted Child ‘Kashmir’ Will Break Your Heart


Once upon a time there lived a secret couple India and Pakistan. India lived with her Pupho British India, they couldn’t stop falling in love despite being from different religions. Their love had all those beautiful moments that make this feeling divine.


They were happy together but the lady love couldn’t bear a child and they wanted one badly. So they thought of adopting one. They both agreed on Kashmir.


Kashmir was the hallmark of everything a parent dreamt about. Kashmir at that time was a small but rich kid. Kashmir was under the sweet shadow of its guardian -the Prince. He shared a feeling of mutual love and admiration with its guardian. The guardian would never impose his culture and religion on Kashmir. He would always teach Kashmir human touch. Years later that was labeled as Kashmiryiat. But that happiness was somehow short-lived, as destiny had some other plans for Kashmir.


British, was a jealous pupho and was against the relationship of India And Pakistan. She became envious of them and somehow created an intense hatred among them. The hatred grew so intense that they couldn’t bear each other and both agreed on a divorce.


After their divorce, each of them still wanted custody of Kashmir and each parent tried to coax for custody of Kashmir. But the Prince of Kashmir was not convinced. Both of them, however, were not ready to give up so easily.


So, Pakistan tried to take Kashmir forcefully. The argument turned into an ugly scuffle and in this scuffle Kashmir lost one arm to Pakistan. And since Pakistan so badly wanted Kashmir, it was ready to settle for even a part of Kashmir by hook or by crook. The amputated part was named as Azad Kashmir by Pak.


Meanwhile, the Prince of Kashmir developed a fear psychosis and the fear that Pakistan would do more harm kept hovering in Prince’s mind and he sought the help of India.


But little did the Prince knew that India was no better than Pakistan. India falsely assured the Prince that once Kashmir reaches puberty, it would be entirely its discretion to choose either of the parents or to remain independent. It was a golden moment for India when she finally adopted eternally beautiful Kashmir.


Kashmir never got the real motherly love from India. India was like an evil stepmom to Kashmir, and the step-motherly treatment Kashmir received from India was just the beginning of years of trauma. India started claiming Kashmir to be its integral part, but Kashmir knew it was never so. Gradually everything Kashmir owned was forcefully taken by the stepmother. The life turned from bad to worse for Kashmir. Kashmir was very unhappy.


Meanwhile, the hatred grew more and more intense between India and Pakistan. India wanted Kashmir’s arm back, while Pakistan wanted the whole Kashmir.


Tired with all this, when Kashmir reached puberty he reminded India of the promise that India made in its childhood – the right to choose. But as they say raat gayi baat gayi, India denied the right to Kashmir they had once promised. Kashmir was shattered.


Kashmir pleaded elders for help but India had many workers who were kept to ensure that nobody knew about the happenings of the family. These workers inflicted a number of atrocities on Kashmir and Kashmir’s agonies multipled. Whenever Kashmir complained to their so called mother about it, she ignored the pleas and cries, instead, she claimed that these workers were for her safety. Even in its own home, Kashmir had to prove its identity to Indias workers. The love and respect other kids of India got, Kashmir was cruelly denied.


The reason behind this hate could never be actually known but only guessed. One reason might be it was because the old love affair with Pakistan still haunted India. Kashmir was a living image of that once upon a time love that grew into hatred.

Even after their breakup, they both continued stalking and blaming one another. Whenever, according to India, Kashmir did something wrong, she would always put blame on Pakistan, never considering the fact Kashmir was 24* 7 under its surveillance.

Meanwhile, Kashmir yearned that India would once give that motherly love to it which it craved since ages instead of blaming Pakistan. Losing all hope of ever getting love, Kashmir plunged into despair and tried its best to get away from the clutches of her step mom but failed miserably. Kashmir had become so sad that he tried committing suicide many times. And is still trying to get rid of his life…


They say truth is always stranger than fiction. This is the plight of present Kashmir. Kashmir is trying his best to get away from the clutches of his step mom, and at the same time yearning for motherly love, also the hatred between India and Pakistanis is increasing day by day.

P.S Maybe behind this hate lies that undying love for each other that is still somewhere in their hearts though none of them would like to acknowledge it