Here’s why Kashmiris Are Beautiful People (Inside Out)

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Just recently saw an “Ambitchous”(striving to be more bitchy than average) Major on Indian media with knowledge limited to Youniverse (knowledge about oneself only, also such a person is called “GUPAN” in Kashmiri) on a programme asking why Kashmiris have red cheeks and why they look healthy and beautiful. In that nonversation (completely worthless conversation) he went ahead and asked that “in-spite of the stonepelting and strikes why no one dies of hunger in Kashmir”

Here is our reply

1. Because we are courageous

We live in such conditions where you would not even plan a vacation without having a second thought.  We live in a place which every fanatic wants us to vacate! But we have lived through it all. This is something only beautiful people can do! 

2. Because we are survivors

Be it Kashmiri Pandits or Muslims, both have survived extremities levied on them. Kashmiri Pandits in spite of being homeless not only survived but thrived where ever they went! Kudos. While Kashmiri Muslims have survived all brutalities put on them by the oppressors.

Not only that we have survived massive floods, terrible earthquakes, deadly icy avalanches, killer storms and even dangerous rumors.

3. Because we have beautiful heart and character

Come and live with us for a moment and you will feel the difference or ask someone who has already visited Kashmir.

4. Because we dont have hate in us

Irrespective of our neighboring nations who are thirsty for each others blood, we Kashmiris don’t actually hate anyone.

Had there been no conflict, we would have liked both our neighboring nations equally, because if you befriend a Kashmiri once be rest assured he will be your friend for life. Their will be no Dudevorce.

5. Because we are generous people

You should visit Kashmir and see how many beggars are there who come all the way form different parts of India. They number in thousands and as compared to the rest of India they make good money in Kashmir as Kashmiri people are very generous. You wont find a Kashmiri asking  a beggar his caste, creed or religion before donating. In many cases Kashmiris would donate more to non Kashmiris beggars as compared to Kashmiri beggars as they have soft corner & hospitality traits for any outsider. 

6. Because we stand for each other

No matter how materialistic or money oriented we have become but when we see fellow Kashmiri in trouble our heart cries. We feel his/her pain. And we are not among the ones who would just watch someone suffer and not act.

For example, anywhere in Indian when an accident occurs first thing people think of is calling police and then someone “might” come to help. But in Kashmir if you see an accident happening no would think of calling the police, actually that would be the last thing they will do. What you will see happening is everyone would come to help, leaving everything  they are doing. You will see everyone wanting to be first to help.

7. Because we believe in sharing

The reason no one dies of hunger and malnutrition in Kashmir even though we are a society where we are jealous of each other yet when it comes to food we love feeding people and sharing food with guests/or anyone. If in Kashmir you hear someone is living alone or due to some reason doesnt have food to eat be assured not only relatives even neighbors and Mohalla committees gear up to help the concerned person

9. Because we earn by our hardwork

We dont make our livelihood by targeting people of India or Pakistan or fellow Kashmirs or by making fake articles, videos and tweets  as compared to people in Indian media. 

10. Because we just love Kashmir

Talk to a Kashmiri about Kashmir you would see the fire in his/her eyes, the truth in the voice, their breath, their body language – Everything is in perfect alignment for the cause, just as if the universe has conspired it. Wont you find that beautiful?

You dont have to be Kashmiri to notice how warm they are, it reflects in their selfless smiles and on their innocent faces. If you are a human and you can think and judge unbiasedly (in or against your interests) then YES you too are beautiful.

P.S We have ignored the main point that basically Kashmiris are born beautiful “For the sake of it just to make it fair”

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Cover photo credit : Shahzeb Younas