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You Know You Are A Kashmiri When?

  1. When you hear your mum ask “heyy aaz kyahsa rannav suinn” (@mohsin_naqshbandi)

2.  When you say Wasta Rass katra traaw sa baye (@thejunaidshah)

3. When you see kashmiri outside kashmir and say yoor te chi kashir aamit. (@aatiqshafiq)

4. When you get caught with your gf on valentine’s day..And you be like “kalaam_allah’as path ‘ez chey Yi mye Benni” (@asif7adil)

5.  When you wake up late & muaj tells you ‘laejsaya balai.. Laalteen ma haavai’ (@iamfaizanbaba)

6.  When you hear ath phonas logyi naar hundered times a day atleast (@iqramushtaqq)

7.   When after an unscheduled power cut you are supposed to check with neighbours or the bulb on the electric pole “saarni gowaa kinne essi yout (@sajjadsofi13)

8. When you make smallest of the small mistakes, but being a girl you have to listen to this from your mom “wichh kya koruth.. pagah chhui woppar garre gachun.. ee karkhe tati ti” (sajjadsofi13)

9. When out of hundred odd people in the crowd you stand out because of your complexion and above all your longgg nose ?️, that’s the catch!  (stills_with_gibberish)

10. Wen u hav to listen always ….cze chek kori muhnuv (sheikhrafia123)

11. When you hear your mum ask “heyy aaz kyahsa rannav suinn (mohsin_naqshbandi)

12. When u do something wrong n your mom says “akh chapath valey hosh ye banhaeil apayr” (bhatsakshi12)

13. When a dog barks at u and u say “dere wesye dewath” ( iamliyakatfarooq)

14.  When you get caught  by DeM activists and you say “hume gandith hai” (akhter_ilyas)

15. When light goes you get to hear, ‘ha yeman power walen peo daakh khanas’ (aamirsofi)

16.  When it snows slowy , when soft flakes of snow touch ur face,when u keep between ur hands a hot kangrii, when u take mild sips of noon chai n enjoy the silence of a snowy night. (qadriaaliya)

17. When you use your door for breaking walnuts (adil_haroon_kashmiri)

18. When your friend is being serious about something and you’re like “thavi ven” (ahtishamulhaque)