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You Know You Are A Kashmiri When

A full cup of tea is chai daam, a full roti is khend, a plate of rice is batte phol, a bowl full of curry is siyn pyoont.

No meal is a meal without rice

The bone make you remember struggle of taking Vyaes ( bone marrow) out of it.

When drivas path ha gasav only means going to boulevard

When elders give you 500 Rs and say yath anzi kenzche

When every household has atleast one J&K ban calnder

When in India, you see a vehicle with a JK No. and in excitement you scream “Kasheer Hinz Gaed”

When Kokur ras is considered medicine for any damn disease

When no news is true until you see it on Greater Kashmir

When the bus conductor addresses every female by “Humshera waiya jaai chew” even when the bus is about to collapse due to over load

When the first reason for any illness is diagnosed as either as Kamzori or Garmi

When the ladies say “Hathhaz mei haz chu soru band’ but still eat everything

When you arrive home after staying outside Kashmir you get to hear ” Che Haa Gomut Shuss”

When you come out of your bed at midnight just to check from your window how much it has snowed

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When you eat double- Tchzot people label you as a spoiled brat

When you hear auto driver say wahaz saheli chhu you understand he is going to charge you any time more

When you know Seati Khaeli Khaeli actually means all the seats are occupied but no one is standing.

When you remember days by power schedule : azeh gaey waeeyr azeh che athwaar

When you still give directions as Yeti Fancy Fabrics Ous

You know you are a Kashmiri if you call a love marriage as Panai Kormut