History of Kashmir – Complete Chronology of Rulers

Are you interested in ancient history of Kashmir? Want to know who was First king of Kashmir? Or are you interested to know about Sikh/Afghan/Dogra rule in Kashmir? You have to come to right place. We have compiled this massive list of Kings/Rulers of Kashmir after a great deal of research.

Gonada 1 3120-3103 B.C First known ruler of Kashmir.  Existed 20 years before Mahabharata war. Killed by Balarama and lost the war.
Damodara 1 3103 – 3090 B.C Son of Gonada. Was never happy, wanted to take revenge of father death. Eventually got killed by Krishna
Yacovati 3090-3075 B.C She was Wife of Damodra 1 and was preganant when he was killed. Krishna declared her queen of Kashmir 
Gonada 2 3075-3035 B.C He was son of Yacovati and Damodara. He was killed after 40 years of rein

The Pandava Dynasty
Harnadeva 3035-3005 B.C He was the second son of Pariksliit, grandson of Arjuna, the third brother of Pandava. He fought with his brother Janmejaya for Hastinapur, but lost. So he left and wandered towards the hill, where he met a hermit and become his assistant. This hermit told him, that he will become King of Kashmir, so left for Kashmir. In Kashmir he joined the army of Gonada 2 and rose to become Prime minister. He then became greedy and betrayed Gonada 2, by getting him killed. He then took control of throne. He reigned for 30 years and died
Ramadeva 3005-2936 B.C He was son of Harnadeva. He reigned for 69 years. He conquered Punjab, Kabul and Multan and used to get daughters of other kings in his harem. He made many people slaves and with much wealth returned to Kashmir
Vyasadeva 2936-2880 B.C He reigned for 56 years. He married Kalabhawani dughter of king Jaswant of Marwar in svayamvara (maiden’s own choice)
Druna  2800-2822 B.C. He reigned for 58 years. He was a generous ruler.His wife, Margidevibuilt the temple of Margeshvara at the villape of Kuther.
Simhadeva 2822-2768 B.C He reigned for 54 years. The village Simhpur was founded by him.
Gopaldeva 2768-2755 B.C He reigned for 13 years and 3 months. He died of liver disease
Vijayananda 2755-2730 B.C He was younger brother of Gopaldeva. He reigned for 25 years. He built a grand temple of Vijayeshvara at Bijbihara
Sukhadeva  2730-2686 B.C He was son of Gopaldeva. He reigned for 44 years. 
Rama Nanda 2686-2629 B.C He drowned Sukhadeva in liider river and took control of throne. He reigned for 57 years
Sandiman  2629-2564 B.C He was renowned for justice. He founded a big city at the place which now forms the bed of the Wular Lake, and called it Sandimatnagar, which today is known as Salbbatnagar. He constructed 21 temples of stone. He built The temple of Zeshteshvara on the Suliman hill. He reigned for 65 years
Marhandeva and Kamandeva 2564-2509 B.C Marhandeva ruled for 55 years. They were sons of Sandiman. Initially Marhandeva was on throne and Kamandeva was his minister. Eventauully they grew hostile to each other so kingdom was divided between them. While Marhandeva  was a generous king, Kamandeva was a tyrant
Chandardeva  2509-2457 B.C. He reigned for 52 years. He had 360 wives and spent one day with each in a year. He was son of  Marhandeva  and killed Kamandeva and his son.
Ananda  2457-2429 B.C. He reigned for 28 years. He was very cruel king.
Drupadadeva  2429-2378 B.C. He reigend for 51 years . He was son of Ananda
Harnamdeva  2378-2329 B.C He was a drunkyard. Built vineyards . He forcefully took woman away from people. He reigned for 39 years before getting killed.
Sulkandeva  2329-2311 B.C He reigned for 28 years. He used to work only on Saturday and rest of the days he used to waste in luxuries and women
Sinaditya  2311-2294 B.C He was foolish king he was killed by his brother Mangaladitya 
Mangaladitya  2294-2255 B.C He was a drunkyard ,gambler and a bad ruler
Khimdendra  2355-2180 B.C He was son Mangaladitya. He used to  rape women by entering in houses in disguise.He raped wife of his minster Druna who eventually got him killed.
Bhimsena 2189-2128 B.C Son of Khimdendra, we was a wild, reckless prince and a drunkard
Indrasena 2128-2082 B.C Blhimsena’s son, Indrasena also encorgaed gambling and alchohol
Sundarsena 2082-2041 B.C. Son of Indrasena.He indulged in debauchery.He riegend for 41 years
Lava  2041-1981 B.C He founded a large city, named Lolau, in the Lolab valley. He reigned for 60years
Kushaeshya 1981-1794 B.C Reigned for 7 years
Khagendra 1974-1944 B.C He founded Kakapur and Khunmuh 
Surendra  1944-1901 B.C He built town named saura. He was son of Khagendra
Godhara  1901-1864 B.C He reigned for 37 years
Suvarna  1864-1829 B.C Liberal prince
Janaka  1820-1797 B.C. He was like a father to peeople
Sachinara  1797-1757 B.C He reigned for 40 years
Galgendra  1757-1712 B.C  Rajatarangini of Kalhana does not mention this king, but other sources do
Baladeva  1712-1669 B.C  Rajatarangini of Kalhana does not mention this king, but other sources do
Nalsena  1669-1644 B.C  Rajatarangini of Kalhana does not mention this king, but other sources do
Gokarna  1644-1608 B.C  Rajatarangini of Kalhana does not mention this king, but other sources do
Prahlad  1608-1597 B.C  Rajatarangini of Kalhana does not mention this king, but other sources do
Bambru  1597-1589 B.C  Rajatarangini of Kalhana does not mention this king, but other sources do
Pratapashila  1589-1553 B.C  Rajatarangini of Kalhana does not mention this king, but other sources do
Sangram Chandra 1553-1552 B.C  Rajatarangini of Kalhana does not mention this king, but other sources do
Larik Chandra 1552-1521 B.C  Rajatarangini of Kalhana does not mention this king, but other sources do
Biram Chandra 1521-1476 B.C  Rajatarangini of Kalhana does not mention this king, but other sources do
Babighana  1476-1459 B.C  Rajatarangini of Kalhana does not mention this king, but other sources do
Bhawant 1459-1445 B.C  Rajatarangini of Kalhana does not mention this king, but other sources do
The Maurya Dyansty Ashoka Jalauka                 – Built a temple on Shankaracyrya Moutain Damodara 2
The Kushana Dynasty Yueh – Chi Kadiphises 1 Kadiphises 2 Kanishka               – The Fourth Buddhist Council of the Sarvastivada tradition were 500 monks gathered at Harwan was                                          under his rule. Huviska                  –  Aushkar near Budgam Jushka
Gonerdiya Dynasty Gonerda III Vibhishana Indrajit Ravana Vibishan II Nara   – Burned thousand of Buddhist Monasteries in Kashmir Siddha Utpalalaksha Hiranyâiısha Hiranyakula Vasukukala Mihirakula .- Devotee of Shiva, Cruel and Anti Buddhist, Committed suicide Baka Kshitinanda Vasunanda Nara II Aksha Gopaditya Gokerna -Built Parihaspora His capital Narenditya Yudhishthira – Oppressive ruler, Worthless
Aditya Dynasty Pratapaditya Jakukas Tunjina Vijaya Jayendra Arya Raja
Gonerdiya Dynasty Méghavahana Pravarasena 1 Sreshtasena Hiranya & Toram àna Matrigupta Pravarasena 2 – Founder of Srinagar Yudishthra II Nandravat Ramaditya Vikramadatya Baladitya
Karkota Empire Durlabha vardhana – Son in law of Baladitya Pratıpaditya II – Son of Durlabhavardhana Chandrapira – Virtuous Prince, Son of Pratıpaditya II Tarapira – Tyrant, younger brother of Chandrapira Lalitaditya  – Raised Kashmir to glory, started drainage system, used land for cultivation Kuvalayaditya Vajraditya -Son of Lalitaditya Prithivyapira Sangrámapira I Jajja Jayapira – Grandson of Lalitaditya Lalitapira Sangrámapira II. Chippatajayapira – Brihaspati Son of prostitute Ajitapira Anangapira Utpalapira
Vermma Dynasty
Avantivarman 855 Engineering removal of boulders near baramulla, so that water can be drainer out of valley. He was founder of Sopor, Built 2nd temple at Avantipora
Chamkaravarman 883 He plundered wealth of other temples and built city and temples of Pattan. He was killed while in a tent with a domba girl
Gopálavarman 903  
Samaktavarman 904  
Sugandhá  Rani  905  
Nirjitavarman 906  
Partha 907  
Nirjitavarman 923  
Chakravarman (2nd  time)     924  
Suravarman 935  
Partha 936  
Chakravarman (2nd  time)     936  
Unmattavanti 938  

Yasaskara 940  
Samgramadeva 948  
Parvagupta  950  
Kshémagupta 951  
Abhimanyu 2 958 Son of Abhimanyu, Didda Rani was his regent as he was infant 
Nandigupta   973  
Tribhuvana 975  
Bhimagupta  976  
Didda Ráni  981  
Sangrámaraja  II. 1003 Nephew of Dida
Hari  Raja   1028 Lasted ony for 22 days
Ananta   1028 He was weak, most of the goversning was done by his wife suryamati
Kalasa 1063 Son of Ananta, Cruel King
Utkarsha  1088 Lasted ony for 22 days
Harsha  1088 Though a good king intially later he became in debt cause of demands for luxury. He died a mierable death, his palace was burned including his wives and children
Uchchal 1100 Eldest Nephew of Harsha
Sahla   1110  
Susaala 1111 Brother of Uchchal
Bhiksháchar 1127  
Jaya Sinha 1127 Eldest son of Uchchal
Paramana 1149  
Avanti Devi 1159  
Bopya Deva 1166  
Jassa Deva 1175  
Jaga Deva 1193  
Raja Deva 1208 Insulted Brahmans and plundered their wealth
Sangrama Deva 1231  
Rama Deva 1247  
Lakshmna Deva 1268  
SimhaDeva 1281 Terrible times, people were mostly in gambling and drinking. He fled to Kishtawar in unmanly wasy when Kashmir was attacked
SahaDeva 1296 Terrible times, people were mostly in gambling and drinking. 
Rinchana 1315 Orginally a ladakhi. Rinchana killed commander in chief of Sahadeva and married his daughter Kota Rani. He made Shah mir his Wazir. Rinchana conversted to Islam and assumed title Sultan Sadrudin
Udyana Deva 1323 Brother of SimhaDeva. He married widow Kota Rani.He also fled like his brother when kashmir was invaded, but Shah Mir took control and defended the valley. Lal Ded was born this time
Kota Rani 1338 Her reign lasted for 5 months

Sultans of Kashmir
Shamas-ud-Din Shah Mir (Term I ) 1339 He desposed the rani. abolished many arbitrary taxes, stopped cruel methods of extortion and fixed the rate of land revenue at the rate of 1/6 of the gross produce.
Jamshed 1342 Son of Shah mir
Ala-ud-Din 1343 Younger Son of Shah mir
Shiab-ud-Din 1354 Son of Alauddin, successful administrator, He made no distinction between his Hindu and Muslim subjects
Qutub-ud-Din 1373 Brother of Shiab-ud-Din, business with justice and moderation
Sikandar Shah Miri (Sikander Butshikan) 1389 Idol breaker
Ali Shah 1413 Son of Sikandar
Zainul Abidin -Badshah 1420 Name Shah Rukh, Furthermore ferry-toll, bridge-toll (baj, Tangha), cess on arts and crafts (Rasum-i-Birfagaran) on boat men and the produce on lakes (Rasum-i-Mirbahri), tax on firewood (Wan-waziri) cattle (Gaw-Shumari)and trees (Sar-Darakhti) were exacted.
Haider Shah 1470 drunkard
Hassan Shah 1472  
Mohammad Shah (Term I) 1484  
Fate Shah (Term I ) 1486  
Mohammad Shah (Term II) 1493  
Fate Shah (Term II) 1505  
Mohammad Shah (Term III) 1514  
Fate Shah (Term III) 1515  
Mohammad Shah (Term IV) 1517  
Ibrahim Shah (Term I) 1528  
Nazuk Shah (Term I) 1529  
Mohammad Shah (Term V) 1530  
Shamas-ud-Din (Term II) 1537  
Ismail Shah (Term I) 1540  
Nazuk Shah (Term I) 1540  
Ibrahim Shah (Term II) 1552  
Ismail Shah (Term II) 1555  
Habib Shah 1557-15612