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Fashion Photoshoot at Aru Valley Pahalgam


This shoot themed as ARU is an unsaid fairy tale, of three girls from the hills who lived a day with abandon, in silk layers and colourful attires.   Credit @ekaco Photography: @dakpadakpadakpa Concept,Script & Styling: @rinasing09 Art & Production:@jahnvibansal Makeup: @bishu.sinha Hair: @nitinsankla1986 Talent: @sushmita__pathak_ @fazemanagement


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Article by Taha Firdous VISIT DACHIGAM NATIONAL PARK It is always a delight for kids to play and enjoy in nature. Dachigam National Park is one such destination where you can both enjoy the beauty of nature and find amazing and rear species of animals. The great big black bear, Hangul, Leopard, etc. are some […]

Travel Bloggers Who Will Inspire You To Visit Kashmir

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Sandeepa Chetan’s Travel Blog The duo travel freaks, Sandeepa and Chetan are living a life of their dreams, from traveling in a truck to exploring unheard places. Sandeepa, an electrical engineer by profession ditched her occupation for writing blogs and Chetan, who worked in digital marketing, is now working as a photographer for the blogs, […]

Why You Should Choose Kashmir Holiday over Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand ?


Agar Firdaus Bar Roo-e Zameen Ast, Hameen ast-o Hameen ast-o Hameen ast. (If there is a paradise on earth, It is this, it is this, it is this) If these words by famous poet Amir Khusro are not enough to motivate you to visit Kashmir, here are the reasons why you should not look for […]

These Colombian Travelers Tell About Their Kashmir Experience

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Tell us about yourself We are Valentina and Emmanuel. We met in Colombia while working together at an island hostel in November and have been traveling together ever since. What made you visit Kashmir We originally wanted to visit Kashmir because of an Instagram post that we saw of the “Khyber Himalayan resort and spa” […]

10 Reasons Why You Should Choose Kashmir as a Honeymoon Destination

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After a long strenuous wedding hustle bustle, every newly-wed couple want to spend some alone time with each other without any interruption of relatives, friends and in-laws. People normally start imagining their honeymoon exclusive trip months before marriage. Every couple wants their honeymoon to be special and unforgettably romantic. Kashmir is a wonderful destination for […]

Things To Remember Before Going on a Trip to Kashmir

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1. Carry cold cream and lip guard in winter &  sunscreen in summer The climate of Kashmir is varied, very cold in winter and blazing sunny in summer. A moisturizer and a lip guard are a must to keep your skin and lips hydrated throughout your trip during the winter months as the temperature can […]

There is a Mermaid in Dal Lake! Here’s Why…

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Jamie Dewolf a writer, performer, film director from Oakland, CA and Iara Mandyn, an award-winning model and performer who specializes in underwater work from Oakland, CA, ventured into Kashmir in early June 2018. They had told no one the actual reason for visiting Kashmir. Jamie says “Iara and I were flying to Kashmir in with a […]

Here’s Another Fascinating Pre-Wedding Shoot in Srinagar

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Shoot: Post-engagement pre-wedding shoot Couple: Pearl & Rupinder Location: Srinagar – Lalit / Dal Lake / Pari Mahal Date:  Nov 2017 Photographer: Cheema Karan Cheema Photography can be contacted at +91 – 9988236033 or [email protected] Check other places to have a pre or post wedding shoot in Kashmir. 

How Kashmir’s Naseem Bagh Inspired These Two Designers for Their Autumn Winter Collection

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Last autumn when Paras and Sonam visited Kashmir, on last day after visiting all tourist places some locals recommended them to visit Naseem Bagh area. As they reached Naseem Bagh they felt like they were transported to some other world, world made of hues of yellow and orange all over. They then and their decided […]

15 Pictures That Will Make You Plan a Trip To Gulmarg This Winter

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This winter satisfy your wanderlust at Gulmarg. 1. Source Instagram Look at this lovely view at your breakfast. 2. Meghana Sridhar If you just want to relax  3. Everything looks like this  4. Afnan Habib And if you like snow, well we have great news for you: There is a lot of snow in Gulmarg […]

Zero Crimes Are Committed Against Foreigners in Kashmir Says NCRB 2016 Report

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According to the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB)  which released their annual data for all crimes documented in 2016, state of J&K recorded no crime against foreigners in 2016 & 2015.  As per the report, 382 crimes were committed against foreigners in India out of which 154 were committed in Delhi itself and overall the […]

How this South African Man and a Local Kashmiri Tour Guide Founded “Kashmir Trekking Company”

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Interview by Manan M Tell us about yourself My name is Marc Schroeder. I was born on the 7th of October 1978 in South Africa. At school, the subjects I loved most were History and English. However, as is the case within most middle-class families, I was subject to the encouragement to study business. I […]

This French National Gives First Hand Experience of Beauty, Hospitality and Tragedy in Kashmir

Stanislas Giroux

Tell us about yourself My name is Stanislas Giroux. I am a French medical student, about to graduate in a year in the neuro-rehabilitation field. I try to explore foreign countries, mostly focussing on misunderstood places, such as the Middle-East. My goal is to make people change the perception about these places which they have […]

This is How Groovy a Photoshoot Can Get in Kashmir


We had recently posted about Kuwaiti makeup artist and Instagram sensation who visited Kashmir, you can see that again here. This time we showcase photographs of a Delhi based blogger who visited Kashmir in September 2017. Monalisha Mahapatra who is a Fashion, Travel and Luxury Blogger and Stylist and runs a popular blog The GreyHalfway. She takes her […]

Kashmir and its Warmth Always Makes us Come Back, Says This Family

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ALF LAYLA WA LAYLA, “One thousand nights and one night, These words have stuck with me since my first visit to the valley. My name is Hershey Kakwani. I live in Pench Tiger Reserve, Madhya Pradesh . I have visited Kashmir thrice, once solo as a young girl, then with my husband Aditya Shakalya who […]

Take a Look at These Breathtaking Pictures Captured in Kashmir by Travel Blogger Couple

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Have you ever heard of BruisedPassports? With a following of more than 124k followers on Instagram and 50k on Facebook, it’s a blog run by a London based young couple Savi and Vid. This couple has been to more than 42 countries so far.  Through their blog and social posts, this couple inspires people to […]

In Pictures Why Kashmir Should be Your Preferred Romantic Destination

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Honestly as long as you’re happy who the hell cares @Grand Palace, Srinagar Photo credit Savi and Vid @bruisedpassports All your life, you will be faced with a choice. You can choose love or hate. I choose love @Pahalgam  Photo credit @pareektejas Taking him for a ride @Dal Lake Photo credit  @prernanarayan Love is not about the […]

This Lady Stayed Alone in Kashmir During Protests And Her Love/Respect For Kashmir Grew Even Stronger

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My name is Kanika Gupta and I am a freelance writer with a degree in literature and business administration. I spent my fair share of years behind a corporate desk, doing a job that I neither cared about nor excelled at. It took at least 5 years for me to realize that I am not […]

She Was Skeptical About Travel to Kashmir Initially But All She Can Say Now is “Subhan Allah Kasheer”

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There was a time when Kashmir was the last place I wanted to travel in the world. The image was such of savagery and immorality. Not that everything thing is flowery, but for sure it’s less thorny as it is portrayed. I had always believed it to be an exotic place that would reveal me […]