10 Reasons Why You Should Choose Kashmir as a Honeymoon Destination

kashmir honeymoon

After a long strenuous wedding hustle bustle, every newly-wed couple want to spend some alone time with each other without any interruption of relatives, friends and in-laws. People normally start imagining their honeymoon exclusive trip months before marriage. Every couple wants their honeymoon to be special and unforgettably romantic. Kashmir is a wonderful destination for honeymooners as it offers a wide range of activities to enjoy and countless beautiful places to visit. Nestled in the midst of the breath-taking, snow-capped Himalayas, this is one of the best places where couples can spend a wonderful time together. Called ‘Paradise on Earth’ by the Mughals in ancient times, Kashmir is the perfect place if you are looking for a place to go on your honeymoon.
Kashmir honeymoon packages will make sure that you and your partner have the most memorable time during your stay. Sitting on the banks of Jhelum it provides a variety of options for things to do in Kashmir. Take a ride on the whimsical Shikaras or go water skiing on Dal or Nagin Lake, watch migratory birds in Dachigam Wildlife Sanctuary, walk through the beautiful Mughal gardens and visit the old city monuments like the Hazratbal Shrine, Jama Masjid and the Shankaracharya temple.

Here are the 10 reasons why you should Kashmir as a honeymoon destination -:

1. Surreal surroundings :

The scenic beauty here gives such relief to eyes can be not be found anywhere in India. Be it sitting on the banks of Jhelum, walk in Mughal gardens, star gazing in Gulmarg hills, taking a ride on the whimsical shikaras or go water skiing on Dal or Nagin Lake, watch migratory birds in Dachigam Wildlife Sanctuary, walk through the beautiful Mughal gardens and visiting the old city monuments like the Hazratbal Shrine, Jama Masjid and the Shankaracharya temple.

2. Perfect get-away ( pleasant weather)

Tired of the scorching summers, excessive humid or dry weather, head straight to Kashmir valley. With a pleasant weather round the year, the charming climate is sure to win hearts of those seeking a get-away after tedious wedding nuptials. The cool climate here will make your stay even more cherishable.

3. Romantic Evenings and fresh mornings (A Walk to remember)

A calm and serene atmosphere with carefully manicured lawns with fresh green grass and various colorful flowers are sure one’s dream of imagining those long strolls with their partner. Discussing and making a new start to a married life is about spending quality time with your better half and what’s better than spending it while enjoying views in a Mughal garden which are spread across the slopes of mountains and has a view of dal-lake in front of it. This experience is itself enriching so why wait, book your honeymoon package asap!.

4. Unwind, Relax and Enjoy

Sip kehwa (chamomile tea) with dal lake facing view and seeing the reflection of sky on waters is a moment that can’t be traded for any other trip. You and your partner can both can relive moments like these while staying in a houseboat standing still on dal-lake. Some really unforgettable memories can be made in Kashmir such as sitting in a Mughal garden or strolling in the tulip garden which is no-less than a Bollywood movie. If you and your spouse want to make some magical moments similar to a movie then plan your honeymoon to Kashmir without an iota of doubt.

5. Get enchanted among woods ( Narnia ) :

Who doesn’t want to escape the hectic and busy schedule of daily life and be lost wandering into the woods. Well, the thick cover of pine trees covered can make you forget the city-life totally. With your better half along your side and natural beauty all around will definitely leave you enchanted !. There are many hill stations where you can trek and camp both with your partner.

6. Get pampered and chillax :

Here, you can ease the pressure and spend quality time with your spouse. Celebrate your love and even pamper each other with exotic flowers, sweet treats and traditional Kashmiri accessories. Feel at home with cosy and comfortable suits in hotels spread across the valley. Many services are available here which can help you relax your mind and completely forget all your work woes and reduce stress.

7. Indulge in outdoor activities :

Many activities such as fishing, boating, river rafting, golfing and ski in snow can excite and enthrall you and your partner. Those who seek luxurious and high-end sports can find golfing, snowboarding and water skiing etc. Those who want to relax and also, indulge in some activity can opt for fishing and boating in dal-lake etc. Your every mood can be taken care of as there are a plethora of activities here.

8. Shopping paradise :

Shopping here is itself a “sweet deal” when it comes to spending some bucks on intricate work of softest pashmina shawls or walnut wood made souvenirs, paper mache artifacts or copperware items. All these things aren’t found easily and can be bought at moderate pricing.

9. Feel the “Love” in the air :

Love can be felt in every season here as the winds of change which transcends & changes the look of the valley moreover. From snow-laden mountains, autumn breeze, tulips blooming in spring to crisp summer clear skies, all seasons have its own magic which can make you feel love all around you surely. Each season spells a different shade to the valley that can be felt through cool winds blowing, seen through changing colors of chinar leaves and witnessed by viewing the mountains all around you. The rugged mountains at the distance and the green valleys around you will make you both fall in love all over again.

10. Make your honeymoon a Memorable one :

Yes, the honeymoon period is an important phase and that’s why it should have a fantastic start to it. Planning your honeymoon is tough and making the right decision is a crucial step. Recently, many couples have been opting for pre-wedding, wedding and post wedding shoots here as well. But in Kashmir, due to its pleasant climate all-round the year, and amazing hill stations, you can’t ever regret making a bad decision. So, stop confusing and fussing about it and just book your flights to Kashmir. This “heaven on earth” will make your honeymoon most cherished and memorable filled with lots of unforgettable memories which you will recall throughout your lifetime.