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Pre Wedding Shoot 2019: Location Kashmir

Here is a compilation of prewedding shoots that took place in Kashmir in early part of 2019. The credit for this video goes to Weddings by Knottydays, Ombre by Harsheen Jammu, Light Lock Productions, Satellite Video, Tabridals, Mastervisualstudio, RK Wedding Photography, Harry Fashion Foto and

Most Liked Kashmiri Brides on Instagram

We have ranked Kashmiri brides on Instagram on basis of No. of likes they got on their pictures. This ranking by no way means that other brides were not beautiful or were not as like-able on their respective occasions. Every woman is beautiful in her

List of Kashmir Wedding Videographers and Photographers

If you are planning for a wedding shoot in Kashmir below list of wedding photographers will be helpful for you. The list shows major players only while there are many other numerous photographers and videographers in Kashmir. Tips 1. Negotiate well with them. 2. Ask

The Other Side of Marriage For A Woman

Maheer Ashraf Baba is a writer who considers herself as a staunch feminist. She started writing at the age of 11 and her first poem was titled, “A Girl.” She has published several articles and poems in newspapers and magazines. She mostly writes on issues

Here is Everything You Need To Know About a Kashmiri Wedding

The traditional Kashmiri wedding is quite a sophisticated affair.  It constitutes of a series of traditions which are religiously followed by both the bride and the groom and their respective families. Today on Gyawun, we are going to give you an overview of how the

Stages Of Being A Kashmiri Bride

Ring ceremony/Engagement Mehndi And the journey with the gold jewelry begins… Ring ceremony/Engagement day When the families meet each other Mehndi raat When the bride receives the shagun mehndi from here in-laws Mehndi raat  Find the name 😉 Mehndi raat And the fun continues all through

10 Pie-Charts That Perfectly Sum Up Kashmiri Weddings

Here are some things which happen before, in and after Kashmiri weddings. When someone says I dint not eat anything When the invitation card clearly mentions lunch will be served at 2PM Why people want you to marry When someone has a grand wedding When