Why You Should Choose Kashmir Holiday over Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand ?


Agar Firdaus Bar Roo-e Zameen Ast,
Hameen ast-o Hameen ast-o Hameen ast.
(If there is a paradise on earth,
It is this, it is this, it is this)

If these words by famous poet Amir Khusro are not enough to motivate you to visit Kashmir, here are the reasons why you should not look for any another place but Kashmir.

It has been declared as the safest place for tourist.

Kashmir has been declared country’s safest tourist spot for domestic travelers, and the tensions witnessed on borders have little to no effect on this, according to the state government officials. The state has seen no crime against tourists in 2015 and 2016 as per the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) annual data.

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Kashmir is a safer place for women travelers as compared to India

In India women, safety is a big issue. With No. of rapes increasing day by day even in major places like Delhi, Mumbai, Goa etc it is for sure not completely safe for women travelers. While in Kashmir women although being a conservative place women tourists are treated with utmost respect and no rape of a tourist has ever been reported in Kashmir.

P.S If you are a women reading this don’t believe what anyone in India says or what Indian media says visit once and experience yourself.

Frankly, Kashmir is even more beautiful than Switzerland, HP and UK are no match anyways 

Yes, you read it right. Even though Switzerland is more famous among people all over the world but still, there many who have confidently claimed that Kashmir is more beautiful and has a lot of untapped potentials. There have been comparisons between these two places for many centuries and tourists still want to explore Kashmir undoubtedly as it has many pocket-friendly holiday packages. Such enthralling scenic beauty at budget-friendly prices is a win-win situation. So far there hasn’t been any comparisons for Himachal or Uttarakhand with Kashmir.

In Kashmir you can stay on water

We bet, you haven’t seen anything like this in rest of hill stations located in Himachal and  Uttarakhand. Those who have seen the famous houseboats in only magazine’s pages or movies can personally experience it in Kashmir. There are many luxurious house boats having all the amenities that can make you stay one of a kind.

Kashmir has the highest rope-way in world and longest in Asia

The Gulmarg  Gondola rope ride is one of the highest and largest ropeways in Asia having a total aerial distance of 5 kms. There are total two phases of gondola ride which starts from Gulmarg and goes upto Affarwat mountain. The Chair Lift is also installed along with the gondola ride for hosting national and international ski events. During this ride you can see 360 degree view of Gulmarg and also, snow capped mountains. This experience with fabulous scenic views can also be enjoyed in Kashmir rather than in hill stations elsewhere.

Experience a different kind of food

Not only the natural beauty but the gourmet food is also presents a reason to have a hands-on chance to enjoy various delicacies here. The food delicacy present in the state is famous all over the world for its influence from Persia, turkey and other Mediterranean countries. Be it Wazwan or street food you cant miss to taste Kashmiri food.

Experience the tea culture 

People in Kashmir have a cultural heritage attached with tea for many centuries and there are many varieties which will amaze you. The tea culture here is one of a kind and even the utensils in which tea is brewed is exceptional as well. The Noon Chai (pink salted tea), Kehwa (chamomile tea) is especially brewed in Samavar. Samavar – the monarch tea breweries perhaps the most distinguishable traditional utensil of Kashmir and is deeply rooted in the socio-cultural ambiance of the valley. Enjoying enormous popularity, it is indispensable and central to every day Kashmiri life with the tea prepared in it being an inseparable part of the warm-hearted Kashmiri hospitality. Its overarching standing in Kashmiri culture has remained undisputed and unchallenged over the years despite the inflow of numerous contemporary appliances of similar nature in the market. Kashmiris irrespective of their religious affiliation continue to have an unshakable allegiance with the Samavar. Talking about Kehwa, noon chai, all of them are served with specific bakery confectioneries. Thus, relax, rewind and enjoy these refreshing beverages while watching breadth-taking views.

Shop at moderate prices

In Kashmir you can buy Kashmiri handicrafts be it Pashmina Shawal, Walnut handicrafts, carpets or paper machie at a very low price as compared to same which is sold outside of Kashmir.

Some of the most expensive and over priced spices  like Saffron, Guchhi mushrooms or Kashmiri red chilli powder are available in Kashmir at moderate pricing than rest of India or abroad.

If you are one of those looking for peace or want to be alone then Kashmir is for you

As compared to Himachal Pradesh, Uttrakhand and even Goa Kashmir offers many offbeat places where not many tourists go. Other than offbeat places there are also  many unexplored places where no one goes. If you want some alone time or want to get lost in nature away from routine of emails and ppts, then do visit Kashmir.

 Lastly, Kashmir: ‘The Warmest Place On Earth’

What makes Kashmir a warm place to visit is its people, The Kashmiris.  Kashmiris are very welcoming and warm-hearted people. The hospitality offered in Kashmir has no match. You should talk to someone who visited Kashmir and hear what they say about local people.

Article by Mehreen Khan

Edits by Manan Mushtaq Hakak