There is a Mermaid in Dal Lake! Here’s Why…

mermaid kashmir

Jamie Dewolf a writer, performer, film director from Oakland, CA and Iara Mandyn, an award-winning model and performer who specializes in underwater work from Oakland, CA, ventured into Kashmir in early June 2018.

They had told no one the actual reason for visiting Kashmir. Jamie says “Iara and I were flying to Kashmir in with a cover story of doing a mermaid shoot but actually what we were REALLY went to do was secretly filming dozens of interviews with torture victims, protesters who’d been beaten and blinded by Indian police. The interviews will be coming out for the world to see in the next two months to be submitted with one of the first comprehensive reports on human rights abuses in Kashmir”

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On the last day of their trip, they decided to do the mermaid shoot aswell. Jamie says “Our guide found a boat that would take us out to a secluded area and Iara Mandyn transformed and stunned us all with her fearlessness to leap in the lake. It was a profound, transformative experience and shook me to my core but I’m so grateful we did it. “

Here are some photos from the shoot

mermaid kashmir

bikini kashmiri dal lake fish

dal lake srinagar girl woman