Best Small Business Ideas in Kashmir for 2022

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Want to start your own new business in Kashmir? Don’t delay it, start now. Forget about the people who say that business is “thap” in Kashmir. Those people either could not start something of their own or do not want others to grow. People who have passion and zeal will make money in all circumstances. If you have a skill set, you can achieve your target and overcome most of the challenges. Let’s discuss some of the small business ideas best suited for Kashmir.


E-commerce is expanding all over the world, including Kashmir. We have a plethora of websites, social pages, and apps that sell goods to people not only in Kashmir but elsewhere also. As the E-commerce industry expands, so does the demand for proper packaging.

In Kashmir, right now we don’t have a dedicated store or online shop for packaging material. For our Gyawun online store, we primarily depend on Amazon to order courier bags and corrugated boxes. There are several issues with ordering from Amazon and other packaging websites which are based out of Kashmir. Firstly, they are expensive, and secondly, they don’t always send what was purchased. Lastly, packaging material usually gets damaged in shipping. Although there are small shops in Goni Khan and Nowhatta, they have limited inventory and do not provide customized packaging material.

Need of the hour is a dedicated place to shop courier bags of different sizes, paper courier bags, branded courier bags, custom boxes, corrugated boxes, small business packaging material, etc.

Product Photo Studio

Again, in e-commerce, as you grow the need for quality product photos increases. Finding a proper location, searching for a budget model, taking perfect photos, and editing them is a very tedious job and takes a lot of time for an entrepreneur. On our website, we upload 150-200 products every week, and it is a very time-consuming activity for us. We would have loved it, if there was a decent product photo studio in Kashmir where we could have outsourced product photoshoots and editing.

Laundry and Ironing Pickup Services

Washing clothes is a time-consuming task. Be it for a student living in a hostel, a non-Kashmiri working in the valley, someone with a hectic job, someone who worked outside and is used to outsourcing laundry but now works from home in the valley, or if one is living in a joint family where there are issues such as who will wash the clothes and where the washing machine should be kept, etc. One might complete the task of washing clothes but the 2nd hurdle is ironing them. With an erratic power supply in Kashmir, ironing clothes is not something that happens easily.

This is a great opportunity to start a laundry and ironing pickup service in the valley.

Home Care Services for Seniors

Due to the conflict here, the young generation migrated outside Kashmir but they left their parents behind in the valley. Men went outside the valley looking for better opportunities, and the daughters were married or preferred to marry Kashmiris living outside. And some have other reasons for not living in Kashmir.

There is no doubt that even though children now live outside, they would want their elderly parents to be safe and well cared for in the valley. Right now only options are some maids/servants from agencies, the mercy of relatives, and other acquaintances. This is a very beautiful opportunity for someone to start a Home Care Service which delivers professional services to the elderly with a humane touch.

P.S If your main aim is to make money and not help society, please skip this idea.

Breakfast Delivery

Although now we have many cafes, restaurants, and cloud kitchens that serve delicious food for lunch, dinner, and snacks, we still lack something for the most important meal for the day i.e breakfast.

The breakfast delivery option would cater not only to students, attendants at hospitals, and tourists but also to locals who would want to try something different than chai and czotch in breakfast.

Kids Recreation Centers

If you are a parent in Kashmir, you would know that there is not much to do with kids here apart from going to Boulevard, Gulmarg, and Pahalgam once in a while.

Indoor play areas, games, and arcades, kids camps, etc are much needed here. A franchise or your own recreation setup will definitely do well here.

Hygenic Barbeque Stalls/Outlets

There are people who are very health conscious and as the result of the pandemic, those who were not much conscious have also become careful of what to eat and what to avoid.

Tujj is one of the hot selling items in the valley. A venture which can provide hygenic tujj around the valley can be a good opportunity in these times.

Content Agency

As businesses grow online, the need for fresh and viral content will increase more and more. Currently, we have good photographers, videographers, and designers who are good in their domains but no one is known to provide all types of content under one roof at reasonable prices.

This is a good opportunity for a team of people to come together to start a venture to fulfill the content needs of the Kashmiri digital world.

Accommodation Renting Service In Delhi and Jammu for Kashmiris

Delhi and Jammu are the most visited places by Kashmiris. People visit these places in winter, for work, or for treatment in hospitals. Not everyone has their own accommodation in these places. People have to rely on relatives or acquaintances for temporary shelters. But when you don’t have anyone known to provide you a place it is very difficult to get accommodation as a Kashmiri.

A startup that can provide accommodation booking to Kashmiris in Delhi and Jammu would be a boon to a lot of people. People would not have to go out asking favors or doing a hectic accommodation search.

Daily Home Car Cleaning Service

Everyone is aware that the number of vehicles in Kashmir has increased many folds and that most of the households have multiple cars. This has resulted in lots of dust which accumulates on cars. The cars need to be cleaned almost every day now.

Cleaning your car every day is a task and most people won’t mind paying 500-600 monthly for a daily car cleaning service.

Treadmill Renting Service

People now prefer to stay indoors due to the growing trend of working from home and the never-ending pandemic, which has resulted in less physical activity and weight gain. Many people want to lose weight or keep their weight in check, but they don’t want to go to the gym. Buying a treadmill is not an option because a good one costs nearly 40K and there are no service centers for them, so it would be a waste of money.

Treadmill Rental Service would be extremely beneficial to them. People are willing to pay 1000-2000 rupees per month for a treadmill that gets delivered to their home.

Gifting Business

Gifts will never go out of business in Kashmir as we have so many occasions to go for Mubarkas. (Check our gifting section here)

A gifting business that can provide customized gifts, flower bouquets, cake delivery at a specific time plus wonderful packaging, etc is bound to thrive. Imagine the kind of business a gift shop would do outside modern or LD hospital. πŸ™‚

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