A Letter From Kashmiri Student: WELCOME TO KASHMIR

rsz letter from kashmiri boy

Sub: Dont Listen To Media, Visit Kashmir

Dear Sir/ Madam,

“Don’t go to Kashmir, there is a lot of tension and terrorism”. That’s the one-liner used to cancel many trips to Kashmir-The paradise on Earth! The perception of the people to give such a verdict, without even travelling to the place is continuously shaped by a huge organ of a country – Media. The media has genuinely been unjust with the Valley. It endlessly reports about the growing tension in the valley never does it show anything good from Kashmir. The world-renowned hospitality of Kashmir is lost in the false world created by media. Yes, we accept that there was tension in Valley during 90s, but the scenario has now changed.

Trying asking someone who has been to Kashmir that were you harmed? Were you told by anyone not to come here? Even if you met a Kashmiri militant did they harm you? Ask about any doubt that you have in your mind regarding Kashmir. I am sure you will surprised to hear stories of hospitality and affections in return. After all , all the credit for establishing such ideas/prejudice in everyone’s mind goes to media.

There is a famous saying “Kashmir charms you even before you step on its soil” because the mountains you see while travelling to Kashmir are breathtaking. There are mainly four seasons to visit Kashmir. Winter, spring, autumn and summer. Kashmir has a temperature ranging from below zero in winters to an average of 25 degrees in summer. The winds are famously called “natural AC of God.” Kashmir has tourist spots like every few kilometers- as every part is too beautiful to be one. So many charmastic places Kashmir has – But alas! All has been lost in the counterfeit world that is created by the media.

I don’t know what are you doing right now, where are your right now in this world, sitting at home or working in office or travelling. I would request you to take a moment and think do you really want to believe everything what is shown by media and not even take a small step to experience the hospitality of Kashmiris which is not shown by media. Wouldn’t you want to check in at Srinagar airport on Facebook with a status “Just landed in Paradise”. Wouldn’t you want to take selfies at the picture perfect spots in Kashmir, and trust me you won’t need any filters to post it on instagram. Imagine how many likes your pictures from Kashmir would get on FB and the envy people would feel looking at them. One week in Kashmir and your skin tone will become lighter no need to Google how to become fair. Wont you want to tell you kids stories of trekking you would have done in Kashmir, the mountains you would have conquered. Wouldn’t you want to buy real Pashminas, eat fresh apple right from farms and buy Saffron at affordable prices?

I appeal to one and all that Kashmir is not what it is presented before you. Please come and visit us and enjoy being in the paradise while you are still alive.

And if not anyone I will guarantee you that nothing will happen to you, you will return with memories of lifetime and glimpse of a Paradise.

Ibrahim Meraj
17 Year Old
Kashmiri Student

letter from kashmiri boy