An Engineer by 10 to 5 and Fitness Trainer by 6 to 9, This Man Inspires Many


Tell us about yourself 

I am Salman Bukhari, an engineer by profession. I am basically from Kreeri village in Baramulla, which is around 40 kms away from Srinagar. My schooling has been from Kreeri itself and later I completed my Engineering from SSM College of Engineering and Technology. I have been training fitness aspirants for the last 10 years nearly.

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You are an engineer by profession, how did fitness become your passion?

In my teens  my physique wasn’t good enough. I looked very skinny and even smaller than boys of my age. This was very frustrating and demotivating. 

I was inspired towards gymnastics by my elder brother Imran Bukhari, who trains at Gold’s Gym in Jammu.

As I started training my physique started to develop and I started to like myself. This is what made me take it seriously and gradually it became my passion. Now its been almost 10 years of being in fitness and training

For me it doesn’t matter if are an engineer, doctor, teacher, journalist, businessman or even a student, you should stay fit in your lives.

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What is your daily routine?

Before leaving for my office which is some 30 kilometers away from Srinagar, I train my boys for nearly three hours in the morning from 5am. Later in the evening, I spend another four hours in the gym again and out of that I spend one and half hour to train myself. In between this morning and evening schedule, I spend the day time in my office doing my routine work.

I also actively participate in sports. I am currently a member of cricket team named Shape-up fitness and Varmul 11.

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What is your favorite exercise?

I believe all the exercise are equally important to keep one fit and fine. Personally I like squats, which is important for every fitness aspirants to gain strength. Besides I rely on HIIT cardio which I usually do for 15 minutes after my daily workout.

You are also followed a lot on social media, what dms and comments do you usually get and what is your response?

Being looked up to by people for my fitness is what keeps me motivated to achieve more. Mostly people request my expertise to loose weight and  to improve their fitness. They are also curious to know how I am so fit.

My response humbly is always that it requires a lot of patience and hard-work. Keep a good nutrition and follow active life style whether it is sports or gym.


You are an inspiration for many, who is your inspiration?

My brother Imran Ali Bukhari is my inspiration. As already said he is the one who actually suggested me to follow gymnastics. Imran Bhai has been in this profession for the last 15 years and is currently fitness manager at world’s leading gym chain Gold’s Gym in Jammu. I only know how he worked hard and traveled so much to get proper training. His level of dedication and professionalism has always inspired me.


What are your tips to people particularly Kashmiris on how to remain fit? 

Nutrition is the key. For me “nature is nutrition”. I try to eat a lot of organic foods. I believe you cannot have a shredded aesthetic physique  without proper nutrition.

I would say mostly for office goers that they should take care of their diet. Give away fast foods and consume only limited sugar and carbs. If they don’t find time to go to gym, they  can even exercise at their homes for few minutes by doing push-ups and other exercises which don’t t require other equipment. They can also be active in their lives by merely walking or simply jogging a few kilometers in their free time. Trust me do this and you feel the difference.

What are your future goals/ plans?

I have a dream to  take fitness to every corner of J&K. I wish to have my own fitness centers in our state which will not only have a very hi-tech machinery but will also have a  perfect aura for every fitness aspirant.

In a place like Kashmir where we are so close to nature and have such a pleasant weather if we spare a small time for our fitness we could all be so healthy and happy. 

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