Best Courier Services in Srinagar

The list below is created of shipping companies that we have used for our Kashmiri marketplace Gyawun Shop ( visit here)


Based in Batamallo, Srinagar, XpressSys delivers in Kashmir and does domestic and international shipping aswell. They deliver within Srinagar at 45 Rs/Kg Website Whatsapp/Call 9419966034

Stag Speed Logistics

They are also Srinagar based. They deliver across Srinagar and in other districts of valley. Their delivery charges within Srinagar start at 50 Rs/Kg Whatsapp/Call 9541471299


Based in Nawab Bazar, Srinagar they deliver across Kashmir valley and do national shipping aswell.  They also have  an online dashboard  where you can calculate prices and place orders. They deliver within Srinagar at 80 Rs for all packages upto 3Kgs.  They  provide  COD  across 30K pincodes  in India. Website Whatsapp/Call  60052 88369.

Ecom Express 

Ecom express is a national courier service which covers around 27K pincodes around India. We have been using Ecom express for 3 years now for our all national shippings. When other services have been down in Kashmir because of various situations Ecomexpress has always been delivering. You have to be a registered business to set up an account with them and security amount has to be given upfront.  They also give API access to connect your store to their shipping. Website


Fedex needs no introduction. We also use fedex for national shipping. Their shipping charges for more than 5Kg packages are low as compared to other providers. 


We use both Delhivery Surface and Delhivery Express. While Delhivery surface is cheap but it is bit slow. Delhivery express is very fast in delivery across India. Delhivery Express ships via air but its price is bit on the higher side.


Other providers like Akash Ganga, DHL, Safe Express , DTDC and Bluedart are also available, but we have not used them much. You can ship through them and let us know in comments what you think about them 🙂

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