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Kashmir Honey Lady – OMG check out the last one

Hussaini, the famous honey producer of Srinagar, Kashmir – that produces 7 different types of honey, all of which have specific healing qualities. SHe runs her business in the naem of Oriental Apiary. The business lady in the video has a very rich heritage/ legacy

Srinagar: Through A Tourist’s Eyes

A short film by Ruman Hamdani, featuring Mafaldina Vaina. Ruman Hamdani is a Srinagar based movie maker and Mafaldina is a 26 years old Italian tourist. Watch the video to see what she has to say about Srinagar after being initially skeptic about it.

A letter to Dear Kashmir

Dear Kashmir, I came to know about you when I was in Goa. So I made a plan with a friend to visit Kashmir, but my friend changed her mind after hearing about situation in Kashmir. I was disappointed and the thought of travelling alone

5 Kashmiri Apps You Dont Know About

DIAL KASHMIR Dial Kashmir is a Kashmir based app which  provides the users extensive information like addresses, phone numbers and email id of various essential and commercial services in Kashmir. So next time you want to find something in Kashmir, search on Dial Kashmir.  

Her Experience Of Travelling Alone In KASHMIR

When she started out with her trip to Srinagar , she had her preconceived notions about Kashmir. She thought maybe she’d need a local to accompany her everywhere, because it wouldn’t be safe to wander alone with a bulky camera hung around her neck. But

Solo Travel to Kashmir For Women

This is the post we had done on our Gyawun Facebook page, which is review of a trip to Kashmir by a solo traveler Shally on her blog. In this post she had answered to those people who had questions like Kashmir is not safe. You’ll