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Here are Kashmir’s Top 10 Most Engaged Facebook Pages

Our recent Facebook study of Kashmiri facebook pages found out a top 10 list of most engaging Kashmiri pages on Facebook. By engagement we mean how many people reacted, commented & shared content of these pages. This does not take into account page likes, as

This British Girl of Kashmiri Origin is Taking HIJAB To Next Level

Mehreen Amjad, a British born entrepreneur of Kashmiri origins, found a gap in the retail market for modest clothing. With the launch of Coco Hijab London, she solved this problem. In this interview, she tells Gyawun about Coco Hijab’s background, the company’s no-model policy and

Meet Naveed Siraj: The Kashmiri Boy Who Framed Passions

  Tell us about yourself My name is Naveed Siraj. I was born in Srinagar (KMR) into a very reputed family who were first retailers of shoes in the valley after the fur trade was banned by the government of India. We still have a

“Tehri” the Spirit of Kashmiriyat by Saba M Nazki

The “Yamberzal” like golden hues of the humble rice, cooked with a tinge of mustard oil, salt, aromatic turmeric and colours of fate will make a true Kashmiri automatically turn to the name “Tehri”. In the nostalgic markets of downtown, uptown colonies and far away – Taking Kashmiri Products Global

Gyawun talks to Pashtosh, a startup that likens Kashmiri apparel and jewellery to wearable art. Tell us about yourself? I am Furqan Shawl founder of . I completed my education from Burn Hall and hold a bachelor of commerce degree in computer science from

Meet Muheet Mehraj (CEO Kashmir Box) and His Team

Tell us about you? I am a first generation entrepreneur (25) who started Kashmir Box around four and a half years back when I was 20  with Kashif Khan who later moved out of the venture. I’ve been an entrepreneur since I was 17. Who

Message To all Kashmiri Women by Azra Mufti

I started writing at a very early age. The first piece of writing that I could remember having written is a letter to Allah. I was 11 years old and my father was confined to bed rest as he complained of prolapsed disc. I could