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Modern Kashmiri Girl Names

Are you looking for some unique name for your Kashmiri daughter?  Here are a few of our suggestions which are modern, trendy and of which your daughter will be proud of: Ahba Aimaa Hoorein Lailat Laraib Rehaab Imra Muntaha Batool Eshal: the name of flower

Top Religious Places To Visit in Kashmir

There are many facades to Kashmir which cannot be overlooked while visiting this place for sure. And of the aspect is the mystical and spiritual vibe that surrounds the whole valley and binds different religions together. To experience such soul healing experience you should visit

Top Cafes to Visit in Srinagar

1. Winterfell Café There’s no question in saying that Game Of Thrones has won hearts for not only international viewers but has taken a clean sweep over Indian hearts. A portrayal of medieval European aesthetic shown in the series has now taken over a local

Vesiye Gulan By Ruhela Mehraj

Ruhela is a Kashmir girl born in Srinagar and living in Saudi Arabia since 6 yrs . Through Gyawun her dream of learning music came true when Mr Bilal (irfan Bilal) heard her voice and became her mentor. She says music is a way of

Kashmiri Nout, Rabab and Pashtu Music

Habib Wardak, Rabab maestro from USA plays a Pashtu song on this Rabab in combination with Kashmiir Nout. You can listen to more Kashmiri instrumental music here

Bisht Bisht Byaryo by Ali Saffudin

Ali Saffudin says this song is inspired from his childhood memories in which his grandmother used to sing this Kashmiri folklore bisht bisht for him and his grandfather used to recite an old saying by Shiekh Noor ul Alam RA. You can watch his more

Dilbaro by Sheikh Rahil Saleem

Sheikh Rahil Saleem used to be the lead vocalist of Blood Rockz band. After leaving that band he started his other band with Sameer called Euphonys. You can find him on Facebook here