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Making of Kashmiri Shawls #hardwork

Were you wondering whats so special about Kashmiri Shawals and also why are they expensive. This video will clear your doubts. Look at the hardwork, time and concentration that goes behind each real Kashmiri Shawl

Things Kashmiris are Tired of Hearing

If you are a Kashmiri and you have lived or studied outside of Kashmir, you will find this video by h1 Production quite hilarious. This video highlights the moments you as Kashmiri has to face in office and with friends. This is just fun to

Kashmir Honey Lady – OMG check out the last one

Hussaini, the famous honey producer of Srinagar, Kashmir – that produces 7 different types of honey, all of which have specific healing qualities. SHe runs her business in the naem of Oriental Apiary. The business lady in the video has a very rich heritage/ legacy