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Dal Lake Travel Guide

Spread over 15 kilometres wide, Dal Lake is Srinagar’s most prized jewel, a mammoth of water spread, reflecting sculpted wooden portico of houseboats with “Naqash Qari” (engraved work) and the stupendous peaks of Zabarwan mountains. It’s a labyrinth of convoluted waterways, with buoyant islands of vegetation and houseboats that look mightily docked, as if they’d simply hover away. There are three islands in the lake, of which, mighty “Char Chinari” (four chinar trees) is the famous causeway for viewing dal through the middle. It’s also skirted around by the Shankaracharya Hills, where the famous Shankaracharya temple is located. You can spend a night in a glorious Houseboat and paddle earning morning in the Shikara (wooden boat), also called as the “gondola of Kashmir”, to see the floating vegetable and flower market. Rowing your boat across the lake, you can make a stop at the famous Gulshan bookshop, where you can enjoy the balance of life by having a book in one hand and a cup of Kahwa in other!

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