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Firdaus X He’s a Pirate – Kashmiri Fusion

Firdaus X He’s a Pirate.
Kashmiri fusion.

Music credits :
Concept : Sufiyan Malik
Recorded,Mixed,Mastered by Hujat Kirmani
Music Composed (Firdaus) : Sufiyan Malik
Piano and electric guitar : Hujat Kirmani
Nout/Matka : Zakir Bakshi
Rabab : Sufiyan Malik
Classical Guitar : Manan Khan

Video credits :
Filmed by Ruman Hamdani & Zulkarnain Dev
Cast: Manan Khan, Sufiyan Malik, Zakir Bakshi, Hujat Kirmani
Costume credits : Shahid Rashid Bhat
Our awesome crew members :
Jazah Malik , Zulkarnain Shah

Special thanks to Forest Hill Resorts, Pahalgam



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