Gadsar Lake Video

The valley of flowers, Gadsar Lake is located 5000 metres above sea level. Considered as one of the highest altitude lakes in the Kashmir region, this beautiful lake is the base of snow-clad cliffs and confines in it to its sheer beauty and serenity. The kaleidoscopic patches of flowers which dot this lake offer an ornate view of this region. True to its name, this lake of fishes is a home to brown trout and is thus commended as a fine fishing spot. This magnolious beauty of Gadsar not only attracts travel pundits but also inspires to rummage into the hidden secrets of nature.

Distance from Srinagar: 126 km via Srinagar-Ganderbal Rd.

Best time to visit: Going to this place alone can be a deal. You can join “Kashmir Great Lakes Trek” which takes place from July to September.