Here are Kashmir’s Top 10 Most Engaged Facebook Pages


Our recent Facebook study of Kashmiri facebook pages found out a top 10 list of most engaging Kashmiri pages on Facebook. By engagement we mean how many people reacted, commented & shared content of these pages. This does not take into account page likes, as their are pages which have lakhs of likes but very less engagement as compared to these pages. The engagement numbers mentioned below are weekly engagements, so they might keep varying but currently these numbers stand.

10.  Rising Kashmir – 10.9 K Engagement per week

rising kashmir

9.  Current News Service – CNS –  18.6K


8.  Gyawun – 18.8 K


7.  JandK Now – 23.2K

Jandk Now

6. Kashmir Monitor –  25.3K

kashmir monitor

5.  QNS 24×7 –  26.2K


4. JandK Headlines  – 36.4K

Jandk Headlines

3. Kashmir News Trust –  50.8K

kashmir news trust

2. Kashmir Life – 51.9K

kashmir life

1. Greater Kashmir –  198.1K

greater kashmir